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Electric breastpump recommendations

I;m expecting my second baby in June and am hoping to breastfeed again, and also to express again so I can give a bottle when we;re out sometimes, and so I can go out occasionally when baby is a bit older! I had a Tommee Tippee manual pump when my son was born, and it was ok, but I think I'd like to go for an electric one this time as I believe they're more efficient - I got on well with expressing to start with, but by 5-6 months it;d take me three attempts to get enough for one bottle. Also, the 'cup' part was too big for my tiny boobs really and some milk would usually leak out the side rather than going through the pump, so I;d rather not waste milk this time! I used TT closer to nature bottles, and plan to again, but the pump doesn't necessarily have to be compatible with them as in reality I always expressed for the freezer last time, so would probably transfer milk straight to a freezer bag then transfer to a bottle when I needed it.

Can anyone recommend (or not!) an electric pump? The Tommee Tippee one seems to be on offer quite a bit (and the 'boob' part looks a totally different shape to on the manual one), but is it any good? I've heard good things about the Medela swing - how has anyone got on with this one? Or are there other good ones?

Thanks for your help x


  • medela breastpump is great!
  • I use the Tommee Tippee electric one and really like it. Great value when 50% off too!
  • I am getting on well with the Medela Swing, works really well for me so far.

    Had the TT Manual to start with as well, a lot easier with the electric one now.

  • It's a more expensive way of doing it but if you only do it now and again and freeze the milk, the pumps you can hire from the NCT are much more efficient than ones like TT and Medela.

    They hire out the sort of pumps that maternity units use which I can completely recommend as they save on time. There's more info on the NCT website if this is of interest.

  • Medela Swing is fab!

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx

  • Hi The manual ones are very time consuming aren't they! They are ok in early days when your breasts are really full but the electric ones are fab as they do all the work for you!!

    I used the ameda electric pump and think it's great, it's cost a bit more than the medela swing but it's a double pump so saves even more time. I bought new parts from for baby no2 and they had a really fast delivery. They also sell medela pumps which I always hear good things about, I just really wanted a double pump (but not double the price!LOL!!) xx
  • Thanks ladies. I also just read some reviews on Mothercare's webiste and the Medela Swing comes out much better than the Tommee Tippee one. It is expensive, but it's just occurred to me that I could use some of my HIP grant for it!

    Can anyone with a Medela swing tell me how they strilise it please? The TT manual pump came with a small microwave steriliser box, which I actually then used for all my sterilising, but the Medela swing doesn't seem to. Does it fit in a microwave steriliser, or does it need to be in a full sized steriliser?

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  • dont get the TT electric pump, very loud and after a few weeks became less efficient then broke mine is going back to Boots for a refund. heard quite a few people having problems with them... now I need to find a new one,,,, ameda or swing mmmmmm
  • You can easily sterilise the medela swing in a microwave steriliser, no problem, it comes apart very easily and I'd definitely recommend it.
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