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General Anaesthetic and Breastfeeding

Hi everyone

I'm exclusively breastfeeding my baby and he's now 9 weeks old. I need to have an operation and think this will be in October time when he will be about 6 months old. I'll need to have a general anaesthetic and a 1 or 2 day stay in hospital. I think that it does affect your milk for a while afterwards but wondered if anyone had any experience of having an op whilst breastfeeding? I do express milk but for bottles to give him whilst we're out but have struggled to produce any extra to freeze. I initially thought that I would only breastfeed for 6 months so that it would coincide with this but I'm beginning to think that I'd like to continue past that point if possible.


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  • Hi there,

    I had a general anaesthetic last Monday but was for a day case procedure so I didn't need to stay in hospital so slightly diff to you. I also exclusively bf and hannah, who is now 5 &1/2 months , doesn't really like bottles. But as far as the effect of the drugs on feeding goes there wasn't a problem. Both myself (I'm medically trained) and my bf support nurse did research into wether I could bf and basically as soon as you feel able to bf you can. The baby may be a little sleepy fir 24 hrs but may be fine- hannah was as awake as ever!!

    I suppose you could contact your hospital ward and ask if they have any policies about admitting breastfeeding mums. They may be able to accommodate you and your baby - if that's what you want.

    Alternatively there is always formula or expressing if the baby can't stay with you. If expressing you could build up a store befor u go in, express while in hosp (if poss& prob for comfort) and discard your milk for first 24 hrs if you are concerned about giving it.

    Hope that helps

    oh and make sure the anaesthetist is well aware. Post op pain relief with morphine hangs around a bit longer- obv dont know u'll need that but paracetamol and ibuprofen are fine if bf. I've been taking a bit of codeine this week and hannah is fine and not sleepy at all. Infact I think she's awake again now!!

    Any questions feel free to ask!!

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