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Hi everyone,

Did anyone get really annoyed at the way Stacey was getting pressured into to bf in the hospital? I know it is only a tv programme, i suppose i am just a bit disappointed that they didnt use it as an opportunity to promote bf positively. Although i wonder if she will overcome her initial feelings and then decide to bf? hmm...

Oh i really should get a life! :lol:



  • I didn't get annoyed but I did think they could have handled it a lot better.

    Maybe I should get a life too xx
  • Oh i didnt see it, but i agree with you LB, they could have used it as a positive storyline, but hey, its just tv!!!

    Gemm x
  • It really annoyed me too!

    So much so I said if that had been me I would have given a bottle just to piss the woman off!

    Eastenders are buggers for the way they portray professionals especially Health Visitors and Social Workers!
  • I got annoyed but I also got annoyed at the dr who came rushing in no bed side manner at all! but is real it is real isn't it? xoxo
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