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Tips for weaning a nearly-2yr old off the breast ??

I'm still bf my dd (23mths) several times a day (morning, night, naps and if she generally wants 'comfort' in the day)- she actually comes up and asks for it now! I want to stop now, but she is keener than ever - if I offer her a cup with milk in, she gets angry and bats it away.

I don't want to traumatise her by taking away something she gets such comfort from, but I really think 2yrs is enough lol!

Anyone been through this?



  • I saw on super nanny a strategy for weaning off the breast when they are older. She had symbols up on the kitchen wall of when she would be fed and that talked her thru it, First day was morning and evening, second was evening only, third was nothing (i think thats how it went cant quite remember). it did seem to work. Dunno if your little one is old enough for that kind of thing yet tho,
  • I'm slowly weaning my 14 mths old daughter. I was feeding her 5-6 times a day at 11mths so over 3 mths have cut it down to 3 feeds a day. (morning, before her nap and before bedtime).
    I'm also struggling a bit as she comes up and really wants the boob. If i refuse er she gets really upset until i feed her (i once fed her twice only morning and night and she was miseerable throughout the day).

    I think you just need to cut one feed out every few days or one a week if you want to go slwoer, and distract her as much as you can with new games, going out for the day etc. I'm going to cut out her middle feed in the next coupe of days (fingers crossed).
    good luck and let us know how it goes xxxxx
  • PS - Ive found that its easier to drop feeds is you consistently breastfeed her in the same place (when possible). I always feed maddie in her room in a chair beside her cot. If we are not in the room she never asks for it anymore (after a month or so doing this). If we go in the room she immediately climbs onto the chair and cries lol so i know she knows that the chair is the 'feeding chair'.

    Maybe you could try that, then just don't go to that specific place unless feedin her - then you can avoid the place and she won't think about a feed...? It's worked for us anyway, but then my daughter's a lot younger so not so smart! xxx
  • Thanks for the replies ladies, will be giving all suggestions a try lol.

    I am going to attempt to get down to 3 feeds daily this week - morning, lunch time and night, with no sneaky feeds in between, then I think next week we will tackle the lunchtime one and see how that goes.

    Tilly it's funny because she takes my hand and leads me to the sofa when she wants it, and if I refuse, she will point to the laptop because I go on BE when I'm bf!

  • Hi

    I have 11 month old girl and struggling to give her bottle (fresh milk) she will just not take it at all. I breastfeed her mornings inbetween meals as a snack and at night she even wakes up in middle of night couple of times fr a feed. she sleeps in same room as me in cot but as soon as she off breastmilk she going in her own room.

    please help!

    Naz x

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