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Left boob working overtime!

Kyra's 8 months now and slowly beginning to wean herself off BM. She still has 2-3 feeds a day and 1 or 2 dream feeds. Problem is my left boob has suddenly got bigger than right and always produces more milk, even though I alternate between them so they both get used the same amount. Any ideas why this is...I'm feeling a bit weird and lopsided atm..xox


  • hi hun how r u? lucky u i say!! at least u know u have plenty of milk!! maybe she feeds for longer from that breat so it could produce more than the other? just a thought? xx
  • hi, i have the same thing but my right one is bigger, lol. does feel wierd doesn't it. think it probably doesn'tshow that much, were just aware of it. mentioned it to health visitor and apparently it happens a lot. just got to wait for it to settle down. not very helpfull i know but it's good to know it's normal and not just you. xx
  • Thanks for the replies huns, they seem to have settled down today...both look the same size again...yippee! So I guess it was just a temporary thing. Thanks hunnies xox
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