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Thank you

Just a quick message to say a big thank you to everyone for their help and replies with my bfing problems recently.

I've come to the decision tonight to switch to formula, after feeding Lucy from both breasts and then her guzzling down 6oz straight after it's obvious she's not getting enough from me. It's really been getting me down so i'm already feeling like a weight's been lifted off my shoulders. I don't want to struggle on getting more and more upset by seeing her so hungry and upset. We've made it to 3 and a half months and i'm so proud of myself for getting this far, i was ready to give up when my milk came in, but continued thanks to the fab support of my wonderful hubby.

Thanks again (Big big thanks to Amy xxx)


  • well done hun! if i get to 3 an half months i wll be so chuffed! its so hard at times roxie is 5 weeks and still feeding but i appreciate what you say she is going through a growth spurt and feeds all day which is hard on me and my 2 year old i give her a bottle formula at 6pm as she feeds off both and screams with hunger! she will then take 3 oz formula or ebm! im hoping it will pass soon but we are happy for now. there is so much pressure to bf for 6 months at least but you have done brill!!!! XX
  • Thanks so much x

    It's so hard sometimes isn't it. Just to know what they're getting. We've been struggling for a while now to be honest, with tugging and her weight etc. I do feel like i've made the right decision, especially since i have only breastfed her at 7am today and i've had no feelings whatsoever from my boobs all day. Nothing to show that we've missed 2 feeds! But most importantly she has been like a different baby today, so much happier.

    Good luck with the feeding, hope her growth spurt is over soon x
  • Ah well done for going this long hon, I know it's been hard for you lately. You've given Lucy a brilliant start and now she is getting the best of both worlds if she is back to her normal self on formula. Well done on making the decision, it sounds like you have done the right thing.
  • Thanks, i feel so much better as it was really starting to stress me out. I tried not to show it but i'm sure she would have picked up on it. I was hoping to make it to 6 months but most importantly i want a well fed contented baby x
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