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exclusively express feeding?

Hi i was just wondering if anyone has ever tried exclusivly express feeding? I breastfed both of my first children bt ended up with infactions and had to stop both times at abour 9 weeks. I really want to bf this time as well, but with 3 kids under 3 and a job to go to, i think it would be easier to express feed him. is this possible?


26+6 weeks x

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  • I exclusively express for my 3 month old. (well she does get the odd bottle of formula)

    We do this because she had latching problems, and whilst I would recommended this to someone in the same position as me, I am not sure I would recommended it otherwise.

    It is hard finding the time to express, and can double my workload having to wash and sterilise bottles and pumps, having to pump and all this before she even gets fed.

    Once you are in a routine, it gets easier, and I invested in a double pump which made my life so much easier. I also love that my husband gets involved.

    I suppose the biggest downside is that I can see my supply dropping, so I won't be able to bf for as long as I wanted to (am currently aiming for 6 months)

    Good luck with what you decide, and if I can answer any questions, I will try and help!
  • I think mrs e used to (she posts mainly on the born in June 09 forum) maybe you could do an FAO for her or email her using her email button. x
  • I am a very new mummy (Olyvia is only 5 days old!) but we are currently exclusively express feeding because Olyvia was born at 36+5 and was only 4lb 11oz and is too small and weak/tired to latch on at the moment but I am determined for her to have breast milk and hopefully as she gets bigger and stronger she will learn to latch on and we can BF properly.

    It is a lot of work as Cate said because it takes time to express and you have all the steralising to do too but if you think this is the only way to be able to give breast milk and you really want to then I'd say go for it.

    I guess it may also depend on how easy expressing is for you.

    Good luck!

    Love NN and Olyvia, 5 days old xxx
  • Hi,
    My little boy will 18 months old next month and I expressed for him for the first 4 months. We had a tricky birth and mw/hv believed he had difficulty latching on beacuse of it.
    I can only echo what Cate has said. I had to get into a routine and we hired an electric one and I would double up as that made it so much easier. We also used a steriliser in a big tub with tablets even though we'd bought a microwave one before he was born. The tub was quicker and easier to use-mind that might be just us!
    I so wanted to bf (was the only one on my ward when he was born so I got some support thankfully!) and this was the only way I could so I just made it work-if that makes sense?
    In the end I got an infection and it was gettting me down as I felt a little limited by it but really glad I had tried.
    It is worth a try and see how it goes,
    Good Luck and congratulations!
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