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Hi ladies, I just wondered if anyone fed their babies expressed milk only? Since having my baby 6 days ago, she has refused to latch on. I have seen numerous "experts", who all say to perservere, but she gets so upset!

Anyway, I really want her to have breast milk, so have been expressing all her feeds. I feel a bit odd doing this, as everyone I know either uses formula of breast feeds properly.

Does anyone have any advice, or wexperiences they can share with me? Did it last for you, was baby getting enough food, was it practical, any downsides?

Thanks for any advice

Cate and Hannah


  • congrats cate on your lo. sorry to hear you had probs :\(
    i havent any personal experience of expressing but i do know it can be done, its not unusual. it does take a lot of committment from you like getting up in the night etc. sorry i have no tips, there are a few ladies on here who have done it tho.
    good luck xxx
  • hiya

    have you had babies mouth checked? only today my sister was telling me her workmates baby hadn't been latching on as he has a small hole in the roof of his mouth. it wasn't picked up in hospital but is quite common.

    otherwise try not to touch back of babies head when they latch on as they have a reflex that makes them pull away.

    Anna x
  • hi - samanthalh in the june 09 forum expressed all the feeds i believe.
    i expressed once a day in the beginning and then twice a day from about 4 weeks. i find it quite time consuming, especially in the early days.
    i am still expressing twice a day now but i've also introduced a formula (my son is 17 weeks now) over the last couple of weeks. i've got a stockpile in my freezer now!!
    good luck whatever you decide xx
  • Thanks for your help ladies. I have spoken to a bf counsellor, and am getting good support from her, so fingers crossed!

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