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Should you use disposable or reusable breast pads?


I'm new on this site and have just started my mat leave. I'm buying any last minute items and have a question regarding breast pads.

Which are best to use, disposable or reusable? I've read good and bad reviews for both but wanted to get other peoples advice before I purchase any.

Any thoughts?



  • Hello
    I use disposable don't really know why i don't use reuseable cause i use reuseable nappies.
    I found tescos really uncomfortable but like tommee tippee which are half price in tesco at the moment. Johnsons are comfy too.
    Good Luck Deciding
  • Hi
    I used Johnson's disposables breast pads. I found them really comfy and they never leaked.
    Looking back, due to the amount I used, I would prob go for reuasable next time just to save a bit of money.
    Hope this helps. xx
  • I would have to say to buy disposables. I tried the reusable ones, but they just ended up wet through and leaking through onto my clothes. Fortunately it happened whilst at home. I can recommend Tesco's own brand, however, I have just bought the Tommy Tippee ones as they are on offer at half price and they are really comfy. I bought 2 packets and will probably go and buy some more. The other good thing about them is that they don't make you itch or rub on your skin as much as the others do. One thing I would say is DONT buy Morrisons own, they leak too, waste of time and money.
  • hi i agree with clare, i bought reusables and they soaked through, i like the tommee tippee ones as they are quite thin so they dont show through your clothes and they are very absorbant it also helps that they are half price in tescos at the mo.
  • Hi Dear
    I heard that reusables are not good coz after you used them there is bacteria on it even if you wash them.The thing is that every time you finish lachting, you have to wear a new one so I guess the best option are disposables ones. You check what is more convinience for you..I am just giving you my opinion..
    Good luck!!!
  • Hi, I am a mum for the first time and my LO is 12wks and I am breastfeeding. I have always had small boobs - 34A but the first thing to change when I became pregnant was my boobs which went up to a 34B. They started to leak slightly whilst I was pregnant so I went out to get some breast pads. I looked at lots of disposable ones and settled on Johnsons as they are a flattering shape (you don't want people to see it's shape through your clothes!), they have sticky patches so that the stay in your bra, they are a reasonable price and the box is sealed in a way that you would know if someone had opened it and had their grubby paws in there!
    As I was leaking before giving birth I thought I would definately leak afterwards so I invested in Avent washable ones. I thought maybe I was being over zealous as I bought 3 packs but I didn't want to be washing them every day. Well...I gave birth, my boobs shot up to a 34DD and the heavens opened (as far as my breasts are concerned) and I went through the box of disposables I had left in a day! I then moved onto my washables. I leak so badly that whilst feeding the other boob leaks and at first I had to put a folded up muslin in my bra that side as no breast pads could handle it! I then came up with the idea for using up the big chunky sanitary pads I had left over which is to cut them in half and put half in my bra whilst feeding on the otherside. You may laugh at this but if your boobs end up being as over enthusiastic as mine then you will find this a God send. I now regularily buy Always Maxi with the sole purpose of cutting them in half to put in my bra at feeding times! :lol:
    My older sister (who has 2 kids & breast fed both) finds it hilarious that I own 18 washable breast pads and have to put sanitary pads down my bra & that my boobs have become so her breast have always been big and didn't flutuate in size in her pregnancies.
    Now that my LO is sleeping longer at night I have started to sleep with the sanitary pads in my bra to reduce the risk of waking up with a soaking wet bra (which has happened a lot)...when they settle again I will go back to just breast pads.
    I hadn't heard about washables being bad due to bacteria build up, is this true? image I found I would wear disposables for longer due to them costing more and I wanted to get my monies worth! I change my washables more often as I have so many and can just keep washing them,although I'm not sure if they have a certain life span though.
    I have noticed that the nipple cream I use - Lansinoh - doesn't wash out particularily well...I think I will need to soak them soon then wash them to see if that helps. If I don't use nipple cream then my nipple sticks to the breast pads and that can be a shocker if I forget and pull my pad out :cry:image
    You can sometimes tell if I'm wearing my Avent washables depending on what I husband can now tell if Sarah Beany is wearing breast pads whilst he's watching 'Property Ladder'! :lol:
    So...consider how leaky you are...what you are wearing...what you want to secure you want to feel (sticky pads!)...your enviromental stance (washables aren't going to landfill)...
    I hope this helps!
    Frankie :\)

  • Just to add I had both depending on what I was wearing but remember to put washables in a little net bag to wash them - I didnt and my (admittedly very ancient) washing machine ate half of them and then clogged up !
  • I just wanted to say that whatever choice you make, you might not want to buy too many. Although you might find yourself leaking loads, you might be lucky and be the opposite like me! I bought some washable pads and wore them for the first few days, but I stopped after a while because it was clear that I was not going to leak!! Having said that, they were still useful at first as I used lansinoh which does stain clothing. (Btw, definitely get a tube of this while you're shopping if you haven't yet done so- it's fantastic!)
  • Hiya,
    I use disposables, the boots own brand slim ones r really good. I bought sum reusables but they showed thru my clothes and i looked like a bit of a muppet with two round circles on my boobs, so i thought i'd jst try them at nite and they moved and i leaked everywhere!
  • to get the lanisoh cream and any bacteria out of your reusables, strip them as you would cloth diapers. There are many methods for doing this. Look it up on youtube: stripping cloth diapers. What I can tell you is to have on hand Original Blue Dawn dishwashing liquid! Use a teeny bit of that in a wash and it helps remove oils left behind by creams and lotions.

  • Reusable are not all created equal!. The right reusable will beat a disposable pad every time.

    I nursed all three of my daughters for 2 years each and used all sorts of pads.

    With heavy leakage you need an absorbent pad with a good leak proof outer layer.

    The best inner layer I found was an organic bamboo/cotton velour(so soft) and the best outer layer was a woven wool cashmere blend.

    You can get cotton pads with a leak proof plastic layer but un like the wool cashmere it doesn't breath .

    To prevent the dreaded circles on the boob what you need to remember is that the pad should come past the fullest area of the breast so it is a size issue that causes this problem.

    Look for a pad that is large enough and has a leak proof layer would be my best advise and happy nursing.

  • Hi - I have used disposable. Have tried loads of differet varieties, and have found Tommee Tippee the best - others seemed to split or leaked really quicky.

  • Hello!
    I always use disposables as i find they dont leak throughand they are also far more hygenic.

    Hope this helps!

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  • I prefer to use disposables because they are more hygenic.




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