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Lilypadz breast pads


I'm due Friday and just wondered if anyone has tried Lilypadz nursing pads?

I'm thinking of buying some as I remember from last time that breast pads show under tight-ish clothes and don't look great!!

Do they work???

Diane 39+5


  • I've got some, but I don't use them! I tried them at about 10 weeks and quickly discovered that while they are fab for in between feeds, when I feed my son the breast I am not feeding from leaks from underneath the pad and soaks my clothes worse than if I was using my usual washable breast pads from Boots. The lilypadz just couldn't handle my let-down and actually I discovered that it does say they are only really for between feeds in the leaflet. A pity really, because they are a great idea and very comfortable.

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    Well, many women experienced wearing lilypadz breast pads as a relief as these  pads are known as lilypadz breast pads and also part of the mother. It is very comfortable for wearing and helps you lot in many ways.


  • I also love my lilypadz they were fab when going swimming and when I returned to work as they don't have a tell tale ring
  • Rubbish and waste of money. No good for breastfeeding out and about as all theilk leaks out when you take them off - not very discreet. And I leaked wearing them.
  • Chicco's nursing pads protection pads are highly absorbent and made from breathable fabrics which help to keep skin dry. 
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