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Having serious issues with 10wk old BFing

I'm seeing HV tomorrow for advice & to have Eddison weighed but I'd like to get other opinions too...

This week, for no known reason, Eddison has refused to feed for longer than 5mins and kicks up a real stink when I try to put back on the same breast or offer the other breast. I'm quite sure he's not properly full cos I know I have a slow flow. Phoned HV on Wed morn and she advised expressing and topping up with bottle after offering breast, but Eddison wont take bottle. Gahhh!! He's still been settling and sleeping as normal which I find even more worrying cos he should be starving. He's only a little tot so can't afford to lose any weight.

Yesterday evening he fed well but was extremely sick afterwards, he took breast again and was sick again but then wanted more and fed ok and then settled for the night. The same thing happened tonight, even though he's kept his milk down all day. He's now asleep but I'm going to wake him soon.

Anyone got any tips/advice/experience they could share?

Liz & Eddison 10wks


  • My lo has gone through phases like this. She feeds very quickly sometimes and she can also give me all the cues that she is still hungry, so i keep putting her on but she'll fuss and then throw up any extra she takes. Its very confusing to me.
    I have also struggled because everyone says that all is fine so long as baby is gaining weight...well mine isn't much.
    She has gained weight very very slowly over the past 6-7 weeks, last fortnight she only gained an oz.
    This has got me really down.
    See your HV and have your lo weighed, check progress but don't start to really worry, give lo time to settle back into a good feeding pattern.

    i doubt this has helped sorry.
  • Thanks for your reply MJ. It's reassuring to know Eddison isn't the only one.

    Hope your LO's weight picks up soon x
  • My baby feeds in 5 mins and then she is finished - she has been doing this since about 3 mths old...or possibly earlier.

    Could you be confusing hungry signals for tired signals? hence he uses the boob to try to sleep but then 'overfeeds' and sicks up??

    Does he have thrush on his tongue - apparently this hurts babies so they tend not to suck for long??

    errmmm if i think of anything else i will come back xxx
  • Thanks.
    If he's tired he wont even latch on, he doesn't like boob for sleeping, it's all about the dummy, LOL. He has regular naps through the day upstairs in his crib, we've been working on self-settling and he's got it sorted now.

    He's been treated for thrush when he was about 4wks. Used Nystatin for him and Daktarin for me and the infection cleared. Will be sure to get him checked for thrush again when HV see's him tomorrow.


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  • Jak's been like this a bit, and it's because he's had a cold and he couldn't breathe properly through his nose while feeding and it was causing him to unlatch and then scream, cry and go red! I tried a different feeding position and he seemed much better, I fed him lying down and he could come off and relatch more easily than when I was holding him. Maybe it's worth a try? I hope the HV has some suggestions too hun x x x
  • if he does have a cold those contraptions for sucking the boggies out is brill lol xxx Havent had to try it out on lol yet thank goodness but watched a mum doing it at playgroup, such a good invention! xxxx
  • If he is having plenty of wet nappies and seems happy in himself, I wouldn't worry too much.

    My lo is 4 months old and feeds in 5 minutes and if you change his bum and offer it to him again he either pushes my boob away while laughing or shake his head and scream. His weight has also slowed down but he is pretty big anyway and my hv said after 3 months old, their weight gain is a lot slower.

    Sounds like you are doing a great job. I found it hard to accept that a 5 minute feed would be enough for him but as they get older, they become much more efficient feeders.
  • Thanks for all the replies ladies.

    Went to weigh-in this morning and (don't ask me how) he's gained 10.5oz in 14days, he's still following the 9th centile. Has chat with HV and she's agrees it odd behaviour but not to worry too much cos he seems to be getting all he needs. She couldn't suggest why his feeding pattern has changed so suddenly. Will weigh him again in 2 weeks to monitor his gain.

    Thanks for all the reassurance and advice

    Liz & Eddison 10wks +1 day
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