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Quick EBM question..,

Subject : Quick EBM question...
Morning girls,
my nipples are soo sore today would like
to give them a rest-so want to express today
Can someone help answer the following:

* how often do I need to express!?Poppy
feeds every 3hrs shall I do that?

* am I able to mix the expressed milk? i.e
I've got some left over from her feed this
morning...if I keep that can I add it to the
next feed? In the same bottle?or should I
dispose of it?

I've just expressed the last bit of a feed
coz I just couldn't stand the pain anymore
Shall I express the other breast now? Or
wait for a bit?

Sorry last question: this won't mess up my
milk supply will it?

Thanks xxx


  • Hi, not sure whether this is much use now but does bf hurt for you more than expressing?
    If you express for too long (more than 10minutes) it can leave you with sore nipples. Could it be that expressing is whats causing the pain? Bear in mind that feeding your baby at the breast is far more quicker than expressing and feeding, so your nipples wont have to endure hours worth of feeding.

    If your only expressing today and not feeding and expressing then it shouldnt mess up your supply. If you did this over a period of time it will as pumps aren't as efficient as babies are at empyting the breast. Alternatively, if you were feeding and expressing then you could end up with engorged breasts the following day as your body may think its a growth spurt?

    You can only mix expressed with previously expressed milk - ie top up yesterdays supply in the fridge, it has to be used by the 72hours from the 1st lot. I wouldnt keep EBM that is left over. It should only be out the fridge for an hour really and it wont be sterile once she's fed from the bottle.

    Why not invest in some nipple shields for now as short term relief and put lots of nipple cream on.

    Ive got some in my shop if youre struggling to get out with a newbie baby x
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