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When do feeds become more regular .. Help!!

Hi, just after some support and advice really. I have been exclusively breast feeding my little boy since he was born - He is now 5 and a half weeks. I am loving breastfeeding but am finding feeding just soo erratic. Today he has fed every hour pretty much and I am just wondering if it will settle down. My little one is also very clingy which I know will also settle down but was hoping someone else had some advice or experience of the same thing.

I think I am only worrying as whenever I go to parents or MIL's house they always make comments like 'is he feeding AGAIN!' but they never breastfed so can;t imagine what it is like I guess.

Thanks girls, Rachel and Freddie


  • Don't worry, it does get easier! It sounds like he's having his 6 week growth spurt, so it might settle down soon. I felt I was chained to the armchair - one day I fed almost constantly for 4 hours, the next for 3 hours.

    The following week Sophie was back to normal, but still only goes three hours during the day.
  • it will get easier. You will get days that they feed constantly then i used to get a sleeping day. My lo is 20 weeks now and he still feeds regularly through the day, sometimes its 2-3 hourly. dont forget it is hot just now and they cant just get a drink of water from the tap. We prob drink more than once every 3 hours!

    Keep at it, you are doing a great job. Just enjoy the time you are spending coz they grow up really fast!

    Gemm x
  • Miniday

    I remember this exact scenario quite clearly, including the comments from well-meaning ( ?) relatives.

    Like it was said, it will be a growth spurt. Feeding does settle down into a more regular pattern at about 3 months or so. I still remember some days when baby was four months old when she was particularly hungry.
    Tell the in-laws that the milk is magic and in hot weather your body automtatically produces milk with a higher water content to meet baby's needs. That should put a stop to the comments!!

    Fantastic job, well done!

    Sarah (DD Amber BF 8 months)
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