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Can anybody help I am 28weeks pg and me and my partner are starting to get things ready and I want to get a electrical breast pump and we don't want to spend a lot of money does anybody know where you can get a breast pump cheap? xxxxxxxx:\)


  • Hi, I bought a second hand AVENT one off eBay from someone local & it only cost ??10, I think noone else bid as she put collect only so I was lucky to get it that cheap...only thing I'd tell you to make sure you ask if buying secondhand is 'is it from a smoke free home' I didn't & the seller clearly was a smoker & I couldn't get the smell out of the rubber parts so binned them & replaced them with bits from my AVENT manual pump. I used it Saturday so I cold go out that night! It is a good pump & works well for me. If you want to buy new I think it is still on offer in Boots for ??63.

  • Thanks I will have a look now I just want an electrical one don't think I can do all the pumping action. LOL xxxxxxxxxx
  • The avent ones are certainly good. I got through an offer from boots for 20% off which they did on top of the 20% that they already had off in store. With the VAT reduction ( and a double discount the cashier did by mistake) I managed to get mine for about ??44!!

    They are worth it, even if you have to persevere.
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