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Breastfeeding and Dummies is it ok??

Me again :lol:

My dd Amber is 18days old and I am pretty sure she is using me as a dummy at night to settle!! I am b'feeding her and expressing so she can have a bottle in the night too. I think she has got used to feeding to settle herself of to sleep as she goes very sleepy - almost as if she is asleep and sucking if that's possible??

My midwife told me not to use a dummy but I am sure this would settle her off as she isn't always hungry - sometimes she will have 30mins be put down to sleep and wake herself up an hour later crying and desperate to get latched onto the boob. She feeds roughly every 3 to 4 hours.

Any advice would be great as I want her to be able to sleep without being b'fed to sleep, thanks girls!

Amy xx


  • Yep dummy and bf is FINE! I have been doing it for the last 10 months with my son! He wouldn't take a dummy when he was as little as your one however but he did when he was about 6 weeks I think and I have never looked back!!!

    Give it a try and see if she will have one! it won't be a prob with the bf!
  • The fact she is taking a bottle and still bfeeding fine I wouldnt worry at all. My ds is 6 weeks and wont take a dummy but is finding his fingers, but i gave a dummy to both my twins as they were doing the same as your dd. I found it a godsend, it gave me a break and allowed me to continue bf.

    There are lots of different styles, cherry teat etc. I found the tommee tippee closer to nature dummy best as its meant to feel like a breast xx
  • I gave my daugter a dummy when she was a week old. I was up all night with her and thought it was because she was hungry but it was just a comfort thing.

    I used the cherry teat ones and she took to it straight away.

    Give it a go and see how you get on

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