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Breastfeeding and going back to work

Hi Ladies

I am due back at work at the end of May when my daughter will be 11 months now i am really not sure what to do re feeding.

My daughter currently has Pepti formula (for milk intolerance) for use on cereals etc and then Breastfeeds for 2 - 3 times per day.

Would i be able to drop the daytme feeds but still feed her 1st thing in a morning and before bed ?? or would this not work.

It so hard to make a decision



  • A lot of women feed 1st thing in the morning and at night when they go back to work and find that it works well. I am still bf my 2 year old and as I work locally she still has 3 feeds on the 2 days that I am at work (1st thing, 16.30 ish when we get home and last thing) then an extra feed on the days I don't work.
    You may have to get up a bit earlier so that you have time to get ready for work but I think it is worth it.
    Will you go back full time? How far is work? xx
  • Hi arg

    Thanks for the reply !

    I was unsure whether it would be possible.

    I am going back 3 full days to work, Work is not far about 1/2 - 3/4 hr away depending on traffic.

    I might give it a go and see how i get on before i go back to work

    Thanks again

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