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Breastfeeding - help please!!

Hi all

I have been breastfeeding my baby boy for just over 3 months with nipple shields as I had so much soreness when I started feeding him and found them a god send! Last week I attempted to wean him off them and we are now successfully feeding from my nipples, which I am so happy about!! He always wend 2 hours between feeds during the day, and sleeps through the night which I find bizarre that he can then go 9 hours without a feed!! Since he has been off the shields we have been feeding every hour, sometimes sooner! It's so draining! He still sleeps through the night! Not sure if this is due to the hot weather making him more thirsty or if it could be because he is not feeding properly??? He feeds for 10 minutes which is different from when we were using the shields he would be on for 20 mins! He always winds really well and there is usually excess milk that he brings up after!

Has anyone ever heard of this before or any advice would be very gratefully received!

Thanks in advance



  • BE ate my post!!!

    basically! GRR have tyou checked latch? if he is used to shields he might not be on properly, so he might not be getting enough at each fed.

    otherwise, it could be that its hot and he's just getting a drink, this is the same with my dd in this heat.

    also, growth spurt?

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