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feeding in public

I know im getting ahead of myself as my little man was only born on Saturday but it's on my mind.

When i feed, i have to get really comfie-propped up on pillows, boobs right out, v-pillow for baby to lie on. He latches well but often comes on and off several times during a feed.

How am i ever going to feed him anywhere else but the privicy of my own home?! I can't imagine how you get into a good position without all the pillows, feet up etc? Will this get easier?xx


  • hi pixibob- congrats on your lo!
    in my experience, after the first few weeks, you will both become expert at bf, lo will be abe to latch on without any fuss, especially when your milk is more established. you will prob find yourself feeding at home with less props etc as time goes on. i find that when i'm out, i use lo's blanket rolled up on my lap to rest her bum on to save my other arm from aching!
    It will def get easier xx
  • It will get easier as both of you get more practice!!
    i was never one who could feed and walk round the shop at the same time but i never had a problem finding a cafe to feed in!
  • Yes, it gets a lot easier as time oes on. In public you can always use a rolled-up jumper or something in place of a nursing pillow, but after a while you'll be fine without needing props and pillows etcIt will feel awkward at first, but it will soon come naturally.
  • hi hun well done for bf,i agree with the others it does get easier and u will both be feeding without the cushions etc in no time!try not to worry too much about feeding in public its not as bad as u 1st imagine,you are doing a fantastic thing and should feel proud!! xxx
  • Hey pixiebob, glad to hear you're doing well wit bf. As everyone's said you will probably find it gets easier each time. I don't use any cushions if I'm feeding in a public place but will sometimes pop my handbag or baby bag under my arm for a bit of support! Or as poz said a rolled up jumper or blanket. Its not the best for your posture but now and then won't hurt.

    I'm a little self conscious of feeding in public particularly when she pulls off & I look down and see a big nipple! I just try to remind myself that although I can see a lot, her head would block the way of the publics view. Also, the chance that someone would glance your way at the moment your little man pulls off would be slim. Good luck xx
  • It does get easier. I didn't think I'd ever be able to do it without my pillows and bits, but I do.

    It gets easier as once they are bigger they don't need so much close holding, they tend to be better at stretching or moving their heads to get where they want to be (rather than you having to line them up so exactly), and putting one leg over the other is a reasonable substitute once they do start getting bigger (around 2-3 months).
    At worst it's just some arm ache from holding them in position for the time needed if there's nothing you can use as a support.
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