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stopping breastfeeding at 15 months

Hi everyone,

I feel that I've reached the stage to stop breastfeeding. My daughter is 15 months. I have really enjoyed the whole breastfeeding process. I have been feeding her at night and in the morning and also several times in the night when she wakes. I'm sure she only wakes for milk. She messes around on the breast and quite often bites!

I fed her for the last time on Sun night. She has been fine and even sleeping better. I feel quite uncomfortable today with sore, swollen breasts. I've been pumping small amounts off and massaging, any other tips?

I also feel quite guilty which I know is totally irrational. Any other mums stopped around this time? Would love to hear your stories.



  • Hi
    Well done for getting to 15 months.Its funny I thought I wouldn't make it for the first week but I am still b/f my daughter who will be 18 months on boxing day!!.

    I too have come to the point were I want to give up and have been cutting out feeds.She is now down to one feed at bedtime I am so pleased to have got to this stage where she is only feeding once because she was such a boob addict and would off had the booby all day long I think!!

    It was gettting to the point she was wanted it more not less as she was getting older.So I had to be strict and stop the feeding so much - it was very difficult at first but we are getting there.
    You could try cabbage leaves for the sore breasts and maybe a warm bath.That is one thing I am not looking forward to when I complety stop - but I am hopefull that as I have cut a lot of feeds out it won't be to bad.


  • Well done for getting to 15 months. I fed Isaac for 15 months and gave up for the exact same reason, he was messing around and bitingme, what made it worse was that he would laugh at me when he had bitten me. I felt really sad when I gave up as I know he will be my last. I didnt feel guilty as such becuase I knew that he really didnt want it any more. My duaghter who is 4 was fed till she was 22 months and there was no way that she would give up before that, I tried when she was 13 months old. I went out in the evening a bath and bed time and came back to her still screaming an hour later. I decided then to carry on and she gave up by herself at 22 months.
  • Thanks for the replies ladies.

    6 nights of no breastfeeding now and it's going really well. My daughter has not asked to be fed at all, seems totally happy and is sleeping so much better in her own bed. On Christmas night she slept through, which she has never done before! My swelling and soreness has gone now, I'm still a little tender and very sensitive to the cold but thats all.

    I feel really happy and proud of both of us. One for getting to 15 months and two for stopping without it being a major ordeal, I think we were both ready to move on. I did feel very sad like you Hayley, as we're not planning on having any more children so I'll never have that experience again. I also felt that my relationship with my daughter would change but it hasn't which has made me feel so much better.

    Thank you x
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