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When do the sore

nipples go!!!

My lil man is a week old tomorrow - im determined to ex bf him if i can image In the day he feeds every 1.5 - 2.5 hrs but come evening he is constantly on the breast which makes me very my milk supply lower at this time as he seems so settled in the day...just seems in the evening he wants to be latched on from 7pm til midnight....i wouldnt mind but after a few hrs i could cry when hes latching on as they hurt so bad - does it get easier - i need a light at the end of the tunnel :lol:

kim xxx


  • yes it does get easier. what your going through is what i called the 'witching hours' . no matter what i did for jack he just wanted boob about 5-10. hes now 8 weeks old and feeds bout 5 and 7 afte his bath and asleep by 8. it just clicked into place one day when he was about 6/7 weeks old. i used to get upset but there is light at the end of the tunnel, it does get better . i found letting air to my nipples as often as i could and expressing milk onto them after a feed and letting them dry helped mine.
  • Are you using any cream? Ive been using Lansinoh, you can get it from Sainsbury's and my nipples haven't been sore at all-i put it on before and after each feed. It's ??10, in a purple tube, a little goes a long way-definatley worth it xx
  • Hi, I had this problem soooo badly with my first lo - on day 6 I remember bursting into tears because it hurt so much!!! I honestly thought I would have to give up breastfeeding - but I gritted my teeth and carried on and I'm so glad I did because within a couple of weeks the soreness had gone.

    I found the open air thing and a nipple cream really helped. (When lo was 1 week old i actually ate my lunch with my boobs out - hubby thought it was hilarious! Having a baby just takes away all your dignity lol)

    I would say it actually took me 4 weeks or so (not saying it's the same for everyone!) to completely get the hang of bf - but it really is worth it. The soreness does go I promise xx
  • I agree with Pixiebob about the Lansinoh - magical stuff. You should be able to get it on prescription. Given the cost, it is definitely worth checking with your GP.

    Oh, and for airing boobs, breast shells are the best thing that has happened to me since Peter's birth! No good at night but a god send during the day.
  • it does get better hun,i think mine were sore for about the 1st 5-7 days and then started getting better.I was also gonna suggest lansinoh iv heard its great stuff and will get some for when this next baby comes along! grace used to feed like your lo in an evening aswell and it was hard work but by about 9 weeks we were in a good feeding routine and a good bedtime routine with her sleeping thru the night.To be honest i introduced a dummy at 9 weeks and it was a godsend,she stopped using me as a comforter in an evening and it really helped with a bedtime routine xxx
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