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hi ladies
my baby is 2 and a half weeks old and i have been breastfeeding him since he was born, but i am showing signs of having mastitis: painful red area on breast which is painful and sensitive, aches in my bones/joints, feeling weak and unwell
im going to ring my doctor tommorrow but im a bit upset as i have a friend who got mastitis and her milk dried up and she had to stop bf!
does getting mastitis always mean your going to havr to stop breastfeeding, im scared my milk will dry up too, or is it treatable????
francesca and noah, 19days xx


  • Hi hun,

    Firstly don't panic! I haven't had mastitus, but as far as i am aware, you should keep feeding from the sore boob to try and clear the blockage. As long as you keep feeding your milk won't dry up. A lady i go to a bf group with had mastitus - she was really bad and ended up in hospital and had to give her lo some formula feeds. She managed to keep expressing and is now fully bf again a few weeks later!

    The doctor should give you some antibiotics to help clear the infection. Just make sure they listen to you and take you seriously, the lady i knew got worse because nobody took her seriously.

    Take care and try not to worry, it might be worth giving you health visitor a wee call in the morning, she may have some advice for you.

    This link should help you in the meantime:

  • Thats a great link Ladybird, it had everything I was going to suggest in it. Hope it sorts itself out my1st bump X
  • Thanks for the link ladybird! Well im still feeding lo it can be a bit painful so when it gets too much i express! Im having to sometimes take paracetamol as its making me feel really unwell! Im going to phone the doctor tomorrow and see if i can get seen tomorrow! Hopefully it will sort itself out! X x
  • Hi, g/c from pregnancy.

    I had mastitis with my first when she was about a week old. I carried on feeding her and got antibiotics off the doctor. I carried on feeding her for another 7 months, so please don't stress about it.

    Hope it clears up soon. I know how painful it can get! I used cool flannels to help soothe it.
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