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Can anyone explain what thrush feels like?

I have had mastitis in both breasts image and have had antibiotics to clear it. I now have a pain in my boobs after a feed just as one boob was beginning to feel normal. I can't see anything in babies mouth but worried that this will be another thing to hinder us.


  • I've not had thrush, but my breastfeeding "bible" says the following:

    "can make the nipples and areolae sore. Some affected women report sharp burning pains that shoot deep into their breast during a feed and worsen immediately afterwards."

    The book goes on to say you could also have itchy nipples with flaky pink, red or purple areas and the areola may be shiny and slightly swollen and have a bright red ring around it. The book also says that there's no need to stop feeding but you and baby need to be treated simultaneous treatment.

    Hope that helps.

    PS - the book is "Breast Is Best" by Dr Penny Stanway and it seems to have an answer to every query or problem!

    Antibiotics can cause thrush so if you're concerned, go back to the GP.
  • I had thrush when ds was 5 weeks old, and had shooting pains within my breasts after and in between feeds. My nipples were slightly pink and shiny but they were still so sore at that stage it was hard to remember what 'normal' looked like. If you've been on antibiotics that can encourage the thrush too - I got mastitis about a week into the thrush treatment, I'd been able to feel it getting better and the antibiotics definitely made it worse again. There were no signs in my son's mouth that I could see either - but it is important you both get treated, as your baby may still have it and you'll pass it backwards and forwards between you.
    My HV actually prescribed my antibiotics, so it might be worth giving yours a call to see whether she can help - otherwise go to your GP.

    It can be very painful, but as long as you both have treatment (I had cream and ds had oral drops) there's no reason why it should spell the end of breastfeeding, if you do stop it probably won't clear up any quicker, and continuing to feed shouldn't make it worse as long as you are both treated.

    Hope you feel better soon.
  • sharp shooting pains in the boob after a feed!

    took about 3 weeks to clear completely, given cream initially, and ds oral suspension, didn't work so eventually given fluconazole - one pill - and it had cleared up within a few days.

    i started with mastitis (well that's what docs said anyway) even tho i was convinced it was thrush so was treated for that first but didn't clear up and was only when i asked whether it could be thrush was any progress made!

    this might help:
  • thanks ladies, its definitely thrush, am worried though as I have only been given a topical oral cream for both me and lo, the pain is really getting me down image I just wish we could have a break
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