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Sickness at night after feeding (also in baby)

Hi everyone,

Emily is now 8 days old and last night she was really sick after feeding at night. She was fine during the day but just wouldn't settle at night. I am breastfeeding and the only thing that would settle her was being on the boob so i gave her a dummy which settled her for a little while. She seems to be gorging herself on milk at night. My supply has only came in the last few days so it hasnt regulated yet. I have been trying to feed her little and often throughout the day to stop her overfeeding.

Do any of you have any ideas how i can settle her and stop her overfeeding?

L and Emily (8 days) x


  • I dont think a baby will over feed on BM?? Not sure?? I always thought they stopped when they are full. She may have a burp (indigestion) which will bring a little milk up...r we talking alot of sick?

    I dont think it is reflux as wouldnt she be sick after every feed?

    Wind is always at its worst by the end of the day - you cant help that I am afraid. I just think yr bubbas tummy is small and cant digest it all - totally normal.

    I have noticed from my baby and reading posts on here that babies cluster feed in the night. Mine was on the boob (feeding and suckling) from 6pm until 10pm at that age!! It doesnt last dont worry - as they get older they dont want to cluster feed.

    I wld feed her when she wants it day and night - she will stop when she is full - I honestly dont know a baby that carrys on when they r full?....They say you can overfeed if you mix feed...ff & bf...but not if you just do one.

    good luck xx
  • My daughter over fed occassionally with breast milk, mainly because she was suckling for comfort - she doens't do it quite so often now. I too thought babies couldn't overfeed, but I'm convinced she did every now and again!

    C & Bethan 9+6
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