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Advice n where to breastfeed

Hi Girls
I am definetly going to breast feed, am only 17 weeks at the mo. My question is where do you breastfeed, I am not shy and dont mind breastfeeding where wnd when its needed. But i went to a wedding at weekend and there were two mums whe were breastfeeding and i noticed that they had both booked a hotel room (even though they were not staying over) just so they could breast feed in public. Just wanted to know what the norm was.
Thanks Viki x


  • lol, I would never do something like that! If I was at a wedding I would just try to find a quiet corner somewhere. My lo is 3 months, when I'm out I'll usually stop for a coffee somewhere and just bf there. I do try to be discreet and tbh you really can't see anything once she is latched on. I've never yet had a problem with anyone being offended or anything.
  • Hi Vikki great decision, breastfeeding is brilliant (and that is coming from someone who has had every problem going bf but got there in the end!).I have bf all 3 of mine in public and it doesn't bother me at all in fact, as an avid breastfeeder, I hope it encourages others to do so too. However, not everyone feels comfortable bf in public and shouldn't feel bad about not wanting to do so - I have bf in the car at times because it is easier.
    Basically, just feed where you want to and don't worry about what others think. I have never had any negative comments although have always had responses ready just in case.
    Hope that helps and just remember we are here for you when lo arrives xx
  • Thanks to both of you as thats what i kinda of thought but was slightly taken back at the wedding. x
  • the first few times it's a good idea to "plan" to do it - that way you're relaxed and baby isn't frantic for food and you'll gain in confidence quickly.

    all the best x
  • Hi

    Yes the wedding thing was a bit weird! Its usually poss to find a quiet corner at something like that - I was at a wedding and this bloke sat next to me and was chatting away completley oblivious until his wife came over and asked how much she had taken - he was soooo embarrassed!

    Check out your local shopping centre some have bf rooms and larger mothercares/ m and s etc also have some (variable cleanliness!)

    good luck x
  • i was in a shopping centre before xmas and there was a lady sitting in the middle of the centre on a bench, boob out (and she had big boobs!) and baby feeding. now i have nothing against what she was doing, i bf my son but i do it descreetly and somewhere where he is sesettled and can enjoy his meal, not in the middle of a very very busy shopping mall!!!! even if he was ff i would still try and find somewhere nice to feed him.

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