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Progress and a few questions! x

Okay Ladies.. My Milk is in! Whoop!!!

My nipples are not as sore! & yesterday I BF in public for the very first time! We took Charlie to Clown Town & while him and Daddy did the climbing frames Olivia and I did a really good feed! I was a little cack handed but didn't show off any Bits & OH said I did really well (think he was a little worried about it, but hadn't said!)

Any ways.. Here are my questions!

Do I get her to completely empty one boobie before offering the other?

She is really suffering from colic at night time, i'm giving infacol - but we are up the whole night with her! Is there anything else I can do?

Also I wasn't planning to express.. well not yet, as when I tried to BF Charlie I just found it all too dishearting expressing for 2 hours to get an oz of milk IF I was lucky! However she fed for over an hour off each boob last night as was full - but I still had that ache you know wheere you feel like you need some relief from your boobs - So I expressed and got just over an oz in 10 mins! image Was well impressed with myself! Daddy gave that to her a little later!

Basicly tho, do I give her one boob and get her to finish that and then start on the next or let her have a bit of both? I'm alternating between each boob at feeds - I expected to have to top up a bit with formular as she is so big and hungry, but my seems to be ample!

I really feel proud! (lol touch wood not back her in tears later!) :lol:

Can I have some advice tho girls about what is best to do? Especially the colic? x


  • congratulations hun- you sound buzzing! lovely to hear you're doing so well.
    i'm sorry i havent got any advice on the colic cos havent experienced it, but maybe colief may be better than the infacol?
    re alternating boobs: you must make sure she has emptied one boob before you offer the other. this is because she needs the hind milk which comes later in the feed. if you swap her too quick, she will get 2 lots of fore milk which wont fill her up and she wont gain as much weight as its the drink part of the feed! i'd say about 15 mins one one boob should do it as long as you feel empty. however, my lo would be one one boob for up to an hour!
    a word of advice about the formula- just remember whatever formula she takes, your boobs wont be making that milk so the more ff she has, the less milk you will make. it may be fine as you have lots of milk, but be aware just incase!
    well done again xxx
  • Don't have much to add as millysmum's covered it pretty well, but well done you, sounds like it is already starting to drop into place! As long as you feed on demand from the begining there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to keep up with a big, hungry baby, you know what a porker Barney is and he's never had any formula. Not got much advice about the colic I'm afraid, Barney wasn't too bad with wind and we found infacol worked best for us. Coleif is supposed to work well but it's a faff if you are bfing because it has to be mixed into the milk.
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