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I know lots of girls are expressing and am after everyones help if possible.

I have recently invested in a Medela Swing breast pump in the hope that I would be able to express more and quicker. It is quicker and less hassle than the manual pumps but I am still only getting 1-2 ounces each time and this is swapping sides. I get a definite fast flow when first pumping but seems to slow down to very little/ nothing relatively quickly. Is this normal? Also does anyone have any tips for expressing/producing more milk? Am concerned this may mean Jonny isnt getting enough?

Thanks guys


  • What you are describing is the letdown reflex when you say fast and slow flow and it is perfectly normal for it to slow down! Getting 1oz at a time is normal too - that is what you *should* be getting baring in mind everone is very different, but 1-2oz each time is a fab amount to get and remember - all the small amounts can be added up together to make a 4oz feed image
  • Jonny is probably getting plenty of milk, because your body will respond to him much better than it will respond to a pump. If you express at a similar time each day you may find you get more, or if you express very often for 2-3 days, as you are telling your body that more milk is needed. Other things that might help are to look at your lo or a photo while you express, to encourage letdown. Also you could try expressing on one side while your lo feeds on the other side, although I have never managed to get the hang of this!
  • Thanks girls. feeling a bit down about the whole breastfeeding thing again. Have just had Jonny weighed and he has put on 4 and a half ounces which means he isnt going up as fast as he should be. He only just got back to birthweight last week (at 5 weeks). Also yesterday at a post natal class lots of the woman were breastfeeding which is great but they all seemed to do it with such ease. Sometimes Jonny will latch on and stay on for a while and feed successfully. sometimes he is off and on almost all the way through the feed. Any tips? I cant help thinking it would be easier if I had smaller boobs as I have to hold my breast underneath when feeding. Thanks girls, its all such a minefield!
  • My little man goes on and off quite a bit at first but I think that is because he is a greedy little thing and gulps it down too quickly. I find if I lie on my side then he stays latched on for longer x
  • I put my lo on a regular pillow to feed so I have one hand to hold my boob and another to drink/change telly channel/type emails image

    I find expressing first thing is a good time to get several ounces - sitting in bed I prop my lo on the pillow in a rugby ball style hold and pump other boob at same time as feeding him as let down is meant to be better cos you're feeding at same time. My lo rarely feeds off both boobs at a feed so I empty one in the morning and get 4oz.

    I'll express again at 9.45pm - and in about 20/30 mins i'll get 8oz which my hubby then gives our lo at 10.30pm/11pm and I go to bed. We've given Tommy a bottle of EBM at 10.30pm since he was 3 weeks and have had no probs switching between breast & bottle.

    I often reposition my electric breast pump several times whilst pumping and that seems to stimulate more milk.

    Now considering giving lo at bottle of formula at 10.30pm to see if he sleeps longer at night - he currently wakes anywhere between 3am-5am.

    He's now 11 weeks and 12lb 9oz.

    Hope that helps!
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