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no more feeding for me...extremely sad

My boobs are no longer any use to me. Jake has been refusing feeds for a weeks now and the only time i could get him to was in the middle of the night when he is dead tired but has started sleeping through now so no more bf for me. Went to see health visitor who said she expected it cos jake is a big baby and ver nosy. Asked how my boobs were and i told her i havnt had any engorgement at all. She said i cant have been producing much milk then. I am gutted because i loved the closeness and whole experience of it...almost cant wait to have number two just so i can do it all over again.

Proud of myself for lasting seventeen weeks and at least it was his decision not mine.

Well done to all you ladies feeding your LO's. Make the most of it lol!


  • sorry to hear your lo has stopped feeding,i wonder y hes stopped so young?i can relate to how u feel as grace is down to just one breastfeed a day now and not too fussed on that! shes just over 9 mths so hoping shel keep that one going till a year so we can move straight to cows milk.ul have to have another so u can feed agin lol!! xxx
  • awww sorry to hear that your little one has decided he has had enough, but at least it was his desision not yuors. well done for getting this far. xx
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