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Starving all the time!

Hi everyone, does anyone else who breastfeeds feel hungry all the time? I feel like all i do is graze all day and even after a meal within half an hour i'm hungry again.

Nat x


  • yeah all day! i am trying o limit it and have a cuppa instead! i go trampolining spinning and the gym once a week so getting my exercise and sanity! gives me an hour break from 2 young kids! xx
  • Yep, I put a similar post up when I first started bfing! As you say, no matter how much I eat I still feel like I need more.
  • yup!! All the time but im enjoying it while i can get away with it like munching my way through a pack of cookies in one day and not putting the weight on!.... hv has warned me though that when i stop feeding my lo i may notice my weight go up for the first month if i carry on how im eating now... pretty obvious i suppose! xx
  • i was like this too at 1st and incredibly thirsty too!! just as it started dying dwn as lo got older i got pregnant and am now hungry and thirsty again!! lol xxx
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