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Questions about breast pumps

Hi Ladies

We are expecting our 1st baby & I am really determind to BF but I would also like to express so that OH can do some feeds as well.

I am completley baffled about breast pumps!!

Does anyone use these & if so how do you know what one to go for as there are so many on the market.

Or did you wait & buy one after baby was born??

Thanks for any advice or opinions ladies



  • I have the Avent Isis IQ one and can't fault it, but if I'm honest I found expressing a huge faff (I'm lazy and found it easier to just put LO on boob then bother with bottles and sterilising) so didn't do it much.
    I would buy it before baby is born, as even if you struggle with BFing and move to FF, you might still like to express so LO has your milk.

  • I loved my Medula Swing and relied on it to feed Abby in the evening. At ??70 it was expensive but worth every penny as I didn't produce enough milk in the evening.

    H xx
  • Buying a breast pump when you've no experience can be very difficult, I just read lots of reviews and ended up buying the medela swing. I bought it in advance, as I hope to be able to express so that my OH could take a turn to feed now and again. BF'ing didn't work out for us and I ended up expressing all my LO's feeds, so having the breast pump there at the ready was a godsend. They can be expensive though and if BF'ing works brilliantly, you mightn't ever use it xx
  • Thanks ladies, so are these electric or manual pumps??

    If I do manage to bf I really want my OH to be able to do feeds as well think it's lovely for bonding for both mums & dads.

  • Hay Laura

    I use an avent manual one, honestly I bought it as it was on offer at boots. It may be worth considering which type of bottles you wish to use b4 you purchase your pump too as the bottles are compatible with the pump but only the same brand bottles as the pump. Tommee Tippee is a very popular brand.
    I too have now started expressing so hubby can feed our LO now and its especially nice as he has gone back to work so it gives him some quality time with her
  • agree iwth loobylou, my SIL bought my pump for me (avent manual) but i was using TT CTN bottles so i was doing double the sterilsing, v annoying, this time think i'lm gonna get the TT electric one as i got quite annoyed with the manual pump and found it v time consuming. x
  • I've got the TT electric one, but only bought it because it was half price! I have noticed that it is no where near as efficient as Sophie, but I try to pump once a day so I've a stock in the freezer for the future when we may eventually be able to leave her with a baby sitter! It's also helpful for when I go out, as I'm still a bit embarrassed about feeding in public.

    I have to say I'm glad I bought it though, when my milk came in it came in so fast that I was very full and Sophie could not latch, and I had to pump every day just to be empty enough to feed her until the supply settled down a bit. Without it, I might have given up.
  • Thanks so much for your opinions ladies really helpful.

    I have bought a pack of bottles the other day as they were on offer ??8.99 for 6 TT CTN it says the teat mimics the breast so thought they would be worth a try after looking at lots of different brands. Although I didnt think about them being compatible with a breast pump, so really I should consider a TT breast pump as well then.

    LL that's exactly what I want for OH to have some quality time with lo when he/she arrives as he is self employed it will depend how much we have saved as to how much time he can have at home with us so will be nice for him to be involved in feeding time.

    Thanks again ladies you've been most helpful, oh one more Q do you find you faff more with manual or doesnt it really make a difference if it's manual or electric?? xx
  • Honestly I prefer electric but I do know some ladies have managed to get by with a manual pump.

    Don't worry about getting a pump that's compatible with your TT CTN bottles, you'll find that this really isn't necessary, as you'll store milk in one and feed from another set xx
  • hi honeybun.

    i have a manual avent isis breast pump..i used one 12 years ago with my son and loved it....i first expressed when Neve was 8 days old milk had definatly come in then,and i expressed after she had fed...hubby loved giving her her bottle,she took to it straight away..and took 2 ounces!! i also have some freezer bags for freezing the milk which are fab and they didnt do these 12 years ago! xxxx
  • I tried the TT electric one but mine broke early on (after 4 weeks) so I bought the medela swing and its fantastic!! I would def advise on getting an electric one if you plan to express often as its such a pain otherwise. I express everyday and its great for my hubby doing feeds. I even managed to go on a hen do last week, after storing 50oz of milk in my freezer!!
  • Thanks so much ladies lots to consider as so many choices & options!!! xxx
  • hi laura
    Congrats on your pg, i remember you from ttc.
    I have had loads of problems with bf and milk supply/latching on.
    I bought a medela swing and think its good but as my little one was only gaining 20g a week, i hired a medela symphony so i could double pump. Its great and now i've improved my supply i'll go back to my medela swing to maintain supply. I use tt bottles and to be honest, i dont find this a problem as it takes me a couple of goes to get enough for a feed and you should let the milk cool down before you add it to anything you've already expressed. Www, has lots of useful info.
    In hindsight i wish i'd had my pump from the start. I also wish i'd found out about local breastfeeding support groups whilst i was pregnant and gone along for a chat.
    Whilst i havent found it easy, i'm glad i stuck with it and at 7 weeks we've turned a corner.
    It may also be worth avoiding bottles till about 4-6 weeks when bf is established. I didnt and i dont think this helped although some babies arent fazed by it.
    I also bought a book called wht to expect when you're bf and found it quite helpful when i was having problems but the kellymom site is just as good.
    Good luck, hope it all goes smoothly. I know i've had lots of problems but lots of people find it a breeze.
    B x
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