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Q from another member (Dinks!) re night-time feeds!

Hi all

Some of you may or may not know that Dinks's little man came early! Anyway, he is back in SCBU at hospital and Dinks has asked me for your advice on a BF question! Ollie is doing OK and I think feeding from Dinks really well which is excellent!

She would like to know what bra's you recommended for night feeding as her daytime bra's seem to be too small for night-times - she is popping out and leaking everywhere!

So what do you all do / wear (if anything?) for night-time feeds?

Thanks so much and Dinks thanks you in advance!!!!!!!!!!

Joo xxx


  • Hi, mothercare do some croptop type bras which I wear at night and stop my boobs popping out! I think mothercare also do larger breastpads which may be helpful. x
  • i wear those cropped top style "sleep bras" from mothercare and they are great especially when lying on your side as i find the top boob always fell out of a normal bra! bigger breast pads sound like a good idea too, i find my breast pads always move at night!
    congrats to Dinks too x
  • I found i had to wear a bra and a stretchy vest top in the early days to control everything plus breast pads to get the leaks,but nothing's foolproof! Nowadays i don't leak any more but my nips are so sensitive (sorry if tmi) that i have to wear a bra or a vest top to bed as the sheets (or anything lol poor hubby) touching them drives me mad and feels horrible x
  • I wear the mothercare sleep bras too and they are pretty good, even though my boobs are really too big for them. I find I can't easily wear a normal bra overnight as it ends up making my back ache wearing the same thing 24/7.

    I use the re-usable breast pads and they do sometimes not move with my boobs but it could be a lot worse. I don't think any breast pads are perfect.

    Sounds like it's time to design a bra that has a secondary lining to hold very big breast pads to cover leakages.
  • hia i also got the mothercare crop top style ones for night time as i have large boobs and they used to fall out of normal bras and leak everytwhere!! i also found the only breastpads that would soak up my milk were the tommee tippee closer to nature ones,they r bigger than others and have a sticky tab so they dnt move around in ur bra xxx
  • I feel daft as I didnt realise about these bras as I had been wearing normal bras which dont help one bit lol.

    thanks for posting this topic
  • Hi, don't buy the wrap style sleep bras from Mothercare as I fell out of mine all the time (34D) although the ones now online have a piece of fabric across the front which mine didn't have!
    I just sleep in my normal daytime bras.

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