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After nearly 5wks of exclusively breastfeeding, my lo still would not latch on properly and every feed was met with him being frought at being off and on my boob and me getting nore and more upset and frustrated that it wouldn;t work. Because of this I've switched to giving him EBM out of a bottle which he is taking so well and we both are happier during feed times!!! however I'm starting to worry about my milk supply. I'm pumping every 2-3 hours but over the course of the day I get less and less milk. I have a big pump in the morning as giving a feed and pumping at 3 in the morning is just to much, however this isn't as much as it has been.

I like to give him 4oz in a bottle as this is what on average i'd get off when i expressed when I was bf too. I know this is very waffley, so i'll get to the point! How can I get more milk? I'm really worried my supply will just get less image

Any advice greatly received!!



  • just left a massive reply and it got lost so im sorry this on will be short!
    Basically pump like crazy for the next few days,hourly if you have to, your supply is very much hormone led at your stage so u must stimulate your breast often.
    you must pump at least twice through the nite that is wen u will get your biggest yeld,its awfull i know only too well but its so worth it.
    try a babymoon lots of skin on skin and pump hourly for the weekend,stay in bed,sod everyone! eat lots,drink lots of water and eat porridge it works if all else fails get some fenugreek capsules they work a treat but watch they dont make lo gassy.
    try to find a bf support group or councillor near u i cant tell u how much it helped me,
    good luck x
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