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has anyone had this on their breasts?

skye and I have been given some treatment to take by the hv last wednesday and I am wondering how long it takes to work? sometimes when I think its getting better, it is bad again and my nips hurt so much during and after the feeds.

anyone any idea when my breasts should be back to normal or how I can make less painful? any tips on how to get the thrush to clear up better much appreciated as I have heard that changing breast pads regularly is good idea.


  • Hi Susan
    I haven't had thrush but as both myself and Holly were on antibiotics for a week after the birth I thought I would get it so did a lot of reading up!
    The cream will clear it up eventually but to complement it you can also eat lots of live yoghurt (and maybe put some on your nippes too). Expose your breasts to air as much as possible and change pads very often as moisture will not help the problem.
    In the meantime you could take some paracetamol before a feed to help with the pain
    Really hope it clears up soon.
  • Hi sevans, I had this with my first and really feel for you as it's so painful. You probably know but make sure your lo has treatment as well as I think if you have thrush lo will have it in her mouth.

    As em said keep your nipples exposed as much as possible (can be difficult I know). After each feed I would give them a wipe and leave them out for a bit. After I've fed on one side I usually leave one boob out to 'air' whilst lo is feeding from the other side.

    Sorry if not much help, hope you're better soon. x
  • I had this on and off for 6 months and it was really, really sore we went through 4 bottles of nysatin before they gave me dactarin gel which worked straight away, I was given cream for my nipples but found it a nightmare as I had to wash it off before every feed, in the end I got some advent nipple cream which kept my nipples feeling normal and not sore at all. In the end it just went by itself but I would if I had a choice use the gel as it was brilliant.
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