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Which steriliser/bottles with the Medela Swing breast pump?

Hi Mums,
We are trying to get organised for our Easter baby and I recently bought a new Medela Swing Breast Pump as a bit of a bargain on Ebay having heard really good reviews about them.

My only question now is which brand/model of steriliser (electric or microwave) and bottles have you found works well with the Medela Swing?

Any suggestions of ones you would recommend (and also ones to avoid) would be really helpful,

Thank you.

love Misty xx

p.s. Also posted in baby forum


  • I've got the Mini Medela but swapped from a Tommee Tippee. As I'm not very organised, I've been using sterilising tablets with water, but found it works so well. In to soak for half and hour, then rinsed with water that's been boiled. Only costs about 70p for 60 tablets so might be worth starting like that and seeing how much you actually use the pump?
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