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How many oz's?

Hi Girls,

I am b'feeding my girl and was wondering when you are expressing and giving a bottle (my hubby does this for one of her night feeds so I can have some sleep) how many oz's do you give as there is no way of knowing how much she is taken from me at a feed. She feeds for about 15mins at a time every 3 hours - then about every 4 hours through the night.

Thanks for your help!

Amy n Amber - 16 days old xx


  • Hi there
    When I was expressing my hv said the best GUIDE to this was to halve your babies weight in pounds and give them that many oz's - so if they weigh 8lbs give them 4 oz or if they are 12lb then 6 oz. But this is just a guide and my boy didn't always take as much as that but better to have too much than too little to offer!!!

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