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Help for newbie please

I had my little boy Thurs 16:45, we came home from hospital Friday evening but whilst in there the MW said she thought baby had latched on fine and was doing well.
I however have been worried as I dont think anything is coming out of my breasts. By the middle of the Friday night he was not a happy boy and despite spending time on both breasts he just didnt seem to be getting anything. He sucks for anywhere between 5 - 15 sucks quite ferociously and then gets cross because he seems so hungry. So I ended up giving in and giving him some formula. I have continued to put him on both breasts every 2 hours and he sucks and falls asleep but as far as satisfying his hunger it doesnt seem to do anything.
I have tried hand expressing to see if anything comes out and I cant get anything.
I dont know what to do? I am just hoping my milk will come in and I can then satisfy him and cut out the formula.
I phoned the community midwives but the MW just told me not to worry and that he would get everything he needs from me, I am thinking maybe I should phone the doctors surgery tomorrow and ask if anyone can help me..there is a bf clinic tues but its too far away, I need help! Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I am starting to feel really upset about it and I know its silly because so long as he is fed and happy it shouldnt matter but I want to be able to give it to him myself : (


  • Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy. Well done for deciding to bf, it is a hard thing to do with your first baby.

    I know in our area the midwife comes to see you every day or 2 till baby is 10 days old. Can you phone them and tell them that you need a visit? I know you said you have phoned but i would phone them back this morning. Ive always found the bf groups are never on when you need them.. You need help there and them at the beginning.

    I dont really want to comment about whether there is milk coming out or not, im not medical, but i would say keep doing what you are doing and out baby on as often as you can.

    Def phone the midwife or labour ward and demand a visit today tho

    Good luck

    Gemm x
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