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I have a five week old little girl and she seems to be really struggling to poo, she doesnt seem to be constipated (goes at least once a day) but gets really angry when she does go and she seems to really strain. She is breastfed, any ideas how I can make pooing easier for her as I hate to see her so cross!


  • try to make sure ur drinking enough water that usaully helps my lo or rub her tummy in a clockwise motion it can really help

    good luck xxx
  • it may be a little colic especially if the poo is green when she does go. its v unusual for a bf baby to be constipated
  • Hi, my lo is ff, but it is totally normal for babies to "strain" when they are pooing - think it's their way of embarrassing us in polite company!

    As I said though, my lo has always strained (bright red face etc) but his poo is v. soft. As long as the poo is soft then your lo is not constipated.

    But if she is getting frustrated then maybe rub her tummy in circles as lollyhatch says or hold her legs up and apart or make a "bicycle" movment with them(not very nice but does help it all come out lol)
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