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so proud of myself!

Hi girls, this is my first time posting on this part of the forum.

Here is a little bit about myself

I'm Emma, 26 from Aberdeen, i have a 2 year old boy and a 4 week old girl. My son was a difficult birth, a long labour, progressed well, got fully dilated, pushed for 3 hours but he was posterior and well and truely stuck so resulted in an emergency c-section. Never the less i managed to breastfeed with the aid of a nursing pillow. I breast fed my son for 11 months, he never had any formula and went straight onto cows milk. I am very proud of this. He is above average in his height and is a bright wee cookie.

My dh and i decided back in Nov 07 we would like to add another little addition to our family. We conceived straight away but sadly over Christmas i suffered a mc at 6 weeks.

We decided to try again straight away and fell pregnant 2 weeks later! At 8 weeks i was shocked to discover i was bleeding, just a little spotting but worrying none the less. Went to the EPU and thankfully got a scan and there was my little bean perfectly happy. Then at 12 weeks i had a very very heavy bleed, the blood poured out for 5 mins, so scary and then i passed a large clot which i thought was my baby! Again after a scan and examinations all was well.....! No explanation given so i worried the rest of the pregnancy. All was normal at dating scan at 13 weeks, bean was perfect at 20 weeks, we decided to have a sexing scan at 22 weeks and discovered we were having a GIRL!!! I am obsessed with girly pink things so was delighted! I still worried something would go wrong. I was measuring 4 weeks bigger so had a growth scan and baby was large weighing 7lbs 14ozs at 36 weeks but wasn't expected to get too much bigger!!! I was determined to have a VBAC so wasn't too pleased that she was going to be a big baby. Then at 38 weeks was told she had turned to posterior!!! argh!

Anyway went into natural labour 3 days before due date, again following a 20 hour labour was told she wasn't gonna come out! So was prepped for a c-section. Then in theatre the doctor checked again and she had turned to face the right way round and he said he could reach her with forceps!! So with a few big pushes, a episiotomy and forceps once her head had crowned my "little" Molly arrived on the 27th Sept! Shockingly she weighed 10lbs 14ozs!!!!!! OUCH!

I managed to feed her once in recovery and she latched on really well. Once all my drugs wore off i was in a lot of pain but still managed to feed her. Then once home feeding became very painful, my nipples were cracked and bleeding and i dreaded every feed! I got nipple shields which helped a bit. Then i got really ill, flu like symptoms, sore muscles etc and when i went to see my hv she diagnosed Mastitis! :cry: I got antibiotics and after 48 hours felt much better! yay, still managed to feed Molly through the pain, was tempted by formula but was determined to feed her for as long as i did my son, to give her all the benefits from it. Then Molly got oral thrush but still fed though it, she lost nearly a pound in weight since her birth.

Now 4 weeks old she is back up to her birth weight, weighing 10lbs 14.5ozs. I have no pain during feeding now and she is a happy wee girl! I am so proud that i have managed to get through all this and be exclusively breastfeeding at the other side image

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to share my experience and possibly give hope to anyone that is struggling with breastfeeding and give them the encouragement to carry on.

Emma and Molly


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  • Such little cutie!

    Congratulations! And well done for persevering!
  • wow how fantastic!! what an amazing woman you are! Molly certainly proved them wrong with her weight didnt she!! Congratulations hun, I have holly,just over 3 yrs old and grace who is 5 1/2 mths old who im bf and we are absolutely loving it! Loving the pic of molly breastfeeding!!

    hanna n baby gracie xx
  • Thanks girls, i am a very determined person and would feel way to guilty if i didn't manage to bf my daughter after nursing my son for so long!


    I love my 2 babies so much and want to give them the best start in life!


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  • and that you are,big congratulations xx
  • ahhh well done ive fed all three if mine bf n am soo proud also! my daughter was big at 10lb 11oz but i never noticed she was my gorgeous tiny perfect princess now shes two n already bf her dollys lol. anyway congratulations hun keep up the good work xxxxxxx
  • Ahhh - they are so beautiful! I know how you feel. My 2 darlings are so so precious to me! :\)
  • Hun, there's still a pic on here of your LOs. xxx
  • Thanks for that x
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