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being sick-do I keep feeding him?


LO(-22 days old) is being sick after each time I feed him. Its not a lot, mostly just run back i think but sometimes milkl is like curds. He keeps crying to be fed so I have kept feeding him but not sure if this is right? Sorry if silly question-very new to all this!


  • Are you winding him partway through? My lo is abit of a guzzler and it seems to depend on how full of milk I am, but she can often be sick at the end of a feed and sometimes its alot.... I find breaking off and winding reduces the amount that comes up when were finished. I can usually tell she needs winding as she breaks off herself and then latches back on for a few sucks before repeating...

    Think I read in another post of you'res hes a windy baby?
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