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What you love about BF your LO

I know it was done a while back...but I thought for the benefit of the new mothers we could start a post about what we love about bf. Now please...I'm in no way wanting to start an argument or big debate or anything like that...just want nice lovely stories about why bf is so enjoyable for you. BF has had some bad press in other forums and wanted to turn it around so we can share GOOD points together...

I love the way Kyra wriggles on my lap impatiently wanting to be fed
I love the cute noises she makes when she latches on (like she is so satisfied)
I love looking down seeing her cubby cheaks smile at me mid-feed like she's saying 'thank you mummy.'
I love the fact that I haven't had a period yet...yay!


  • I could bang on for days but in short:

    No bottles/sterilisng
    No being pressured to get back because I've run out of formula
    The way he 'chats' to me instead of feeding, with my boob half in, half out of his mouth
    The way he falls asleep, milk dribbling out of his mouth
    The way I can comfort him no matter what has happened (injections etc)
    The fact that my baby is homegrown
    The way that not another single person in the world can do what I'm doing for my baby
    I have to sit down and put my feet up whilst feeding
    His little smiles mid feed
    The way he makes 'nyum nyum' sounds when the milk comes in

    Actually I think I have banged on for days, but hey - I LOVE bfing. In fact we should make car stickers!xx:lol:
  • I love the proud feelin i get when i go and get my lo weighed and she's put on weight, cos i no its all cos of me.
    i love how she stops cryin as soon as she latches on.
    I love the little gulping sounds she makes when shes really hungry
    i love the close feelin i get when i feed her
    i love the fact that i'm givin her so much goodness
    I love the fact that its free!

    I'msure there are lots more points which i'll think of!
  • Like the others have said there are loads of things but to be honest the main things for me are:

    *Convenience - I am quite lazy sometimes and there is nothing easier than popping him on your boobie especially in the early days when all they seem to do is feed. Beats having to be bothered getting everything ready lol

    *Snuggle time - Although you can do this anytime, it feels extra special when feeding bubs.

    *Free - babies are expensive enough so not having to buy formula and equipment is a big help.

    *Eat extra - I seem to get away with eating a hell of a lot more than I used to without putting on extra pounds. Can't remember how many extra calories a day you need (think it's about 500??) but in any case it means a few more treats without the guilt, surely that's a bonus everyone will love!

    Totally home grown - From growing in my tummy to seeing him tentively trying to take his first steps, I get huge satisfaction knowing he's grown up into my beautiful little boy completely by that's cool image

  • This is cool,

    i loved the way my lo would guzle away and then ever now and then come off and look up as if to make sure i was still there

    i loved the way he would play with my hair and tap his fingers on my neck

    i loved the convenience of being able to sit up in bed and just feed and my hubby loved this too cause he could just stay asleep

    i love that it didn't cost anything

    i loved the fact that if i was in a noisey room i had a great excuse to slip off into a quiet corner so he was not distracted and i'd have him all to myself for gorgeous cuddles while he bf

    i loved the wa my sister would go all gooey when she saw me feeding my baby

    i loved the fact that in the early months i could express what seemed like buckets of the stuff within minutes and stick it in the freezer

    i loved the fact that my lo hardly ever puked up a feed

    i could go on i loved bf and really miss it and wish i hadn't stopped

  • ....I can feed her lying me an excuse to pop up to bed and have a nap!!

    Kyra is never sick after a feed either. She loves the stuff and I know she really enjoys her feed from the look on her face.

    It's really funny when she's routing and her head starts bouncing off my boob... :lol:

    I also find it satisfying when I get her weighed and she's thriving so well...knowing I've made her like that ;\)
  • all ur reasons r great n i think just reading em makes me realise how great bf is i love luca grinning at me round my boob, i love that when other people hold him all i have to do is say ooh feed time n hes all mine lol i love that his early morning feeds r just as the sun comes up n i can watch it whilst holding my little angel close to me i love that it has given me so many new friends in this chat room thingy n i love that even after having bf 3 babies ive still got gravity defying knockers lol
  • i love everything!!lol

    i love the convenience,the bonding time,the quickness i could go on!

    Its so fab that i dnt have to remember to take enough bottles out,sterilise etc.
    I love the milky grins i now get from grace mid feed,shes started to be nosy and look around during a feed,if she catches my eye she'll unlatch and have a little giggle or chat with me! I love the cuddles,i love the fact that its free and its something that only i can do for my little girl,i love getting her weighed and seeing how much shes pilled on!!(she was 17lb4oz last week,shes gettin the good stuff!!)i love how it can relax and comfort her and as yummy mummy also said-i love the fact that iv still not had a period,yey!!
    Karen-design us a sticker,i'll buy one from you!! haha xxxx
  • I will - watch out ebay here I come!

    Oooh yeah the laying down to feed - I love that one - in fact when my 4 yr old goes full time next week, I'm going to have an afternoon nap with him in my bed after a laying down feed - I'm getting excited already!xx
  • Karen - I do that now, It's so lovely to just forget the housework the dishes the ironing and lay down in bed feeding your lo until they fall asleep. Me, Kyra and Evie (my 2.5 year old) all have an afternoon nap together in our big bed. It really is so nice and relaxing.

    I will buy a car sticker too image
  • i jsut love every thing about bf its the best thing i have ever done. its so satisfying to know that who much she has grown since the day she was consieved is all down to me. x
  • Hmmm, where to start??
    I had an unexpected c-section, so found that the skin to skin contact and breast feeding helped me with bonding! Like some people have said, I love that my baby grew inside me, and my milk made him grow!
    I love the closeness whn cuddling him during feeding, and when he was newborn (he's 10 months now), my hubby used to sit with his arms around us, and we really bonded as a family-LOVE IT!!!
    I'm back at work now, but still try to put him on my breast at least once a day-I can't give up I love it so much.
    I love the way he pulls my hair when feeding off me, the way he looks at me and smiles with my boob still in his mouth!!! I love the way his oh-so-soft skin on his hands as he strokes my arm...
    However, he has 6 teeth, and usuallly ends up biting me, or holding my nipple in his teeth and yanking his head back-ouch!!! But a smile later, and my heart melts so I can't be cross. I love the way he uses breast feeding for comfort when he's poorly-all he wants is mummy!!!
  • ahhh..made me all goose bumpy reading these uplifting.

    Love the way she has never ever been sick...she 7 months now

    The way she taps her little hand on my boob when she starts feeding then as the milk comes in she settles and her hand just rests on my sweet

    The midfeed grin with the nipple still in her mouth..

    In the early days the way she would fall asleep with milk running out of corner of her mouth. She would arch her back and come of the boob.....and look so full and content.

    Yes, def the fact that I am giving her what no one can... my OH does not mind this bit as he always winds her etc... so he gets his cuddles.

    Night feeds, no big bags to take out with you full of this and that, dont have to worry about been out and running out of clean bottles, formula etc..

    No constipation in baby

    Oh, I could go on and on. ........
    Now she 7 months she gets so excited when i start to lift my top. She bounces around on my knee trying to get under my cute!!!!

    Knowing, that every night as I go to sleep I have done myself and my baby proud.

    d x
  • I love everything but my favourite is the way Barney already, at the grand old age of 13 weeks, lets go, grins at me and then latches back on. You can just see him thinking "this is good stuff mum!"
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