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freezing ebm

Right im going to embark on an expressing mission, expressing once a day to hopefully get a supply of ebm so i can return to one of my jobs (20hours p/month) as maternity pay is poo. will only be leaving l.o for 4 hours max but would like to have some ebm milk in for oh to feed lo. How am i best storing it in the freezer and in what quantities so my ebm wont be wasted?
any advice would be grateful thanks ladies x


  • Hi Cara, I store mine in lots of 4oz purely because I have a lot of small 4oz bottles which were sat there doing nothing.

    I guess another way would be to use ice cube trays and establish how many cubes your LO takes per feed by trial and error, then convert this to oz and use ebm bags to store it in this quantity.

    There's a lot of really useful info here:

    (particularly the leaflet on expressing & storing). HTH!
  • it would be worth bottle feeding and see how much she takes and use that as a guide. I have varying quantities in my freezer only cos of how much I was able to express
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