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Any tips for staying awake during night feeds?

Hi this is my first post on this forum!

My baby is a week old and although I have been struggling a bit with feeding it is getting a lot better.
My problem is that I just can't keep my eyes open during night feeds, I find myself dropping off and I'm worried that I will fall asleep whilst feeding her and drop her or let her roll into bed.

I'm wondering if any of you have any tips to stay alert during night feeds?



  • hi lulu
    my lo is 4 months now, at the start she was waking every 2 -3 hours and its so hard to stay awake, however when i was in hospital the midwife showed me that if u lay on ur side ad cuddle the baby in . so i used to put a pillow the other side of Lo and i would just fall back asleep and so would she (i found she would sleep longer like that too)

    i did worry about if i rolled on her but i think u are always aware that their there.

    good luck it does get better my lo sleeps 9pm til 7am !
  • The only way I found was to get up and go downstairs I'm afraid!

    Like JoJo I actually used to fall asleep bf and put a pillow the other side so she cdn't roll out. I would only ever feed her like this from 1 side though - I would never ever let her lie between me & dh just in case she got squashed!

    I know they tell you not to co-sleep now, but I really don't have a problem with it - my baby book (prob out of date now!) says that co-sleeping is fine as long as you have not been drinking/taking drugs etc (!) and are not desperately over-tired.

    When I did used to go to sleep with her, I also found she slept longer, and I would wake up in exactly the same position as I went to sleep as well - as though I was still 'aware' of her.

  • lulu, i say the same as the others- lie down and feed her! its so much easier as you can relax. if you lo wakes up and wants other side, i used to flip over in bed so my feet were by dh's head and feed so lo wasnt in between us. then i would latch her on, pillow behind her and we'd both go to sleep! it might take a bit of practice lying down but its seriously worth it. give it a go xx
  • I found it difficult too in the beginning to stay awake so I downloaded trivial pursuit and scrabble to my ipod andplayed that for half an hour while I fed her...I would go sit in the nursing chair in her room. However I too now feed her in my bed when she wakes up in the morning for her morning feed as it gives me another hour or so in bed and she loves it too!! I drop off and she does too when she's finished. Remeber too that it's not long before you only have 2 or 1 feed in the night...and fingers crossed 0!
  • i would read my baby book (week by week book - so i would know what to expect in the coming weeks etc)! now i don't bother as feeding times have decreased but i certainly used to do that. xx
  • Hi George is nearly 6 weeks old and I struggled in the beginning too. I find getting up and changing his nappy before his feed wakes me and its another job done!

    Failing that getting up and going into the lounge helps too.

    Good luck
    Claire xx
  • Thanks for the replies, it wont be too bad once hubby goes back to work (permanent nights) so I will be able to put the light and radio on.
    She feeds well when I'm lying down as I'm very busty (even more so now lol) but I can't sleep as I'm terrified of rolling onto her!
    Think I will have to get up and come downstairs in future

    Thanks again, it's good to know I'm not the only one, was starting to feel like a bad mummy!!

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