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2nd time BFing, much smaller baby this time...

Like the title says I'm a 2nd time mummy. My LO is now 3 days old, he was born at 39 weeks weighing 6lb 8oz.
My elder son was born 42 weeks weighing 8lb 10oz and fed easily in any position I tried to latch him (a breastfeeders dream child!).
I'm very tired at the moment and would love to BF the LO lying down so I can have a cheeky nap, LOL. He's just not interested in latching on when we're lying down, he'll lap and nuzzle at my nipple but not open his mouth wide enough to latch. He's definately hungry cos he'll latch and guzzle happily if we sit up.

Any tips or advice?

Liz x


  • Have you tried expressing breast milk and feeding with the bottle instead? more comfort image

  • My LO was 6lb12 at birth and he had trouble latching in the early days, in any position. If I wanted to feed him lying down, sometimes I had to get hubby to hold him in the right position while I pinched my boob to try and make it smaller to fit in his mouth.
  • Could you latch him on while sitting then gently move into a lying position? Xx
  • Thanks for the replies.
    We've had a bit more success with lying down, still not as comfortable latch as when we're upright but at least he'll feed.
    We must be doing something right cos he was weighed today and only lost 120g from birth weight. Just hope it continues.

    Liz & Eddison, 6 days
  • Woohoo! Well done, Liz image.

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