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much less milk on right side

:\?can anyone help! i am producing significantly less milk from my right breast and i don't know why. I have tried everything i can think of but nothing is helping, i am eating well drinking plenty taking fenugreek to generally boost my supply but my right breast is holding less and less milk. it has much less of a let down reflex in it too which doesn't help. I am making sure i am feeding frequently from it but my son (8 weeks today) is getting increasingly frustrated with it and is subsequently drinking more for the other breast so it is now constantrly running dry too. He is only feeding 5 - 10 mins before right breast in empty but used to feed more than half hour and he feeds 40 to 50 mins on left one. i always have been a wee bit this way but this has suddenly got worseI don't know whats suddenly went wrong!:\?


  • hi baby pie,
    its prob nothing you've done wrong- and i reckon its more normal than we think!
    i have one boob that is smaller and definitely holds less milk, its always been this way, but i think the other one must make up for the short fall so lo still gets enough!
    just make sure you always offer it, maybe if its been a while since a feed, offer it first, or express on it a bit first to encourage the let down before you put lo on. on my small boob, the let down is slower too- it was the same with mydd1 and i asked a bf counsellor about it, she said it was normal!
    Dont stop offering it, cos lo will take it if he's hungry, but if you put him on fave boob all the time, your supply will suffer.
    hth xx
  • ye i agree
    offer the non fave one first, this will increase milk supply over time. around 6 weeks your milk supply seems alot less than to begin with but its just your body adjusting to the amount of food your lo is actually taking, remember bf babies are never under fed. if like my lo they have a fave side and refuse to take it from the non preferred side sometimes then put them in a different position ie like a rugby ball instead of accross your stomach this will trick them into thinking that the are on their fave side.
    like naomi said offer the small side 1st and then when your lo seems upset or frustrated because they feel like they cant get any more milk switch sides. try to relax as much as possible while feeding, watch your baby feed and even put their hand on your breast all these things help the let down reflex. remember breasts aren't storae tanks and so if you feed from just one side your body will stop producing as much milk to the side in which you dont feed from.

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