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Breastfeeding and Bleeding

Hi all

Just got a quick question.

I fed William for 24 hours and then we switched to formula as we had some issues and ff seemed to be the better thing to do for us both. Anyway at around day 10 maybe less i'd stopped bleeding. Which was fine but I was a bit shcoked that it stopped so quickly this time (bleed for 6 weeks with DD bf for 2 weeks) Now I've put William to the breast every few days and some days he's been interested and others he wont latch on at all. Well today I decided that as he wasn't screaming for his feed just rooting that I'd offer him the breast as I still have milk there and he fed from me for about 20 mins each side, I then offered him his normal 4oz formula feed and he only took 1 1/2 oz so to me that shows he got a really good feed form me. Anyway this was at 12pm at around 3pm I had been sitting down and had no pains or anything and stood up and felt very wet and warm between my legs, went to the bathroom and I've started bleeding again dark red and heavy (sorry if tmi). Now I was wondering do you think it's linked to me feeding William or could it be AF as early as this William is 13 days old today.

Would love some responses.

Gem & William 13days old xxxx

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  • yes its fine the very same thing happened t o me, i even rushed to the hospital but was told brown blood is fine as its old,its your uterus squeezing it all out hun dont worry unless its fresh and bright red!
    well done with the feeding x
  • it will be your uterus contracting it does this but when you breast feed it stimulates it more, something to do with our raging hormones lol
  • Breast feeding does help the uterus contract so it will encourage bleeding but it won't make you bleed more than you would do.

    Had you not feed him you may not of bleed for a couple of weeks then you would have said it was a AF but it would have been the same bleeding (i hope this makes sense?)

    With my second B/F baby i only blead for 6 days and with my 3rd 10 days so you don't bleed for longer when B/F but it can be heaver do to the uterus contracting.

    well done for trying B/Fing! xx
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