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Slow weight gain?

I'm exclusivly bf Sophie and have been since birth but am concerned about her slow weight gain. She's one month old tomorrow.

She was 5lb 12oz at birth (2 weeks early) and went down to 5lb 3oz after birth whilst my milk supply was establishing and we got over the initial problems. She regained her birth weight in just over a week. We then had one week where she gained 7 oz. However, last week she only gained 2 oz, and now weighs 6 lb 8oz, and has dropped below the 2nd centile line on the chart. HV didn't seem to worried, but I hope she's gained more next week.

Did anyone else find that it took ages for their little ones to gain weight compared to bottle fed babies? I've been really shoving it in her, feeding whenever she wants it and waking her at least every three hours to feed if she doesn't ask. I don't want to top her up with formula, but don't know what else to do and am concerned that she's not gaining weight.


  • Hey hun,

    My dd was born 8lbs 15ozs so she wasn't a small baby. She lost about 6ozs in her first week and by 12 weeks weighed 11lbs 15ozs. I was always concerned about her weight gain as other babies at the bf group i go to were weighing alot more. One wee boy was born the day before Emily and weighed a little less and he is now about 14lbs odd. However since 12weeks she put on 10 ozs in 2 weeks! and it seems like she is starting to catch up and is putting a bit more weight on.

    I wouldn't worry, bf babies can sometimes have slow weight gain, but sooner or later they will start to catch up.

    I've just checked my chart and Emily had only put on about 1lb at 1 month old. As long as Sophie looks healthy and the hv is happy with her weight gain, i wouldn't worry.

  • Thanks Ladybird, that gives me some encouragement. I suppose the answer is just to keep shoving it in her, and she will catch up eventually.
  • I've had these worries too but BF babies gain weight differently to FF babies. BF babies tend to but weight on in spurts because they regulate how much they have rather than the constant feeding that FF babies get.

    As long as your LO looks healthy and is feeding well on demand don't worry. You don't need to top-up with formula and shouldn't because it will decrease your milk supply. Just carry on feeding on demand and don't let anyone try and talk you into topping-up with formula. If she needs more, you'll produce more for her. Just keep feeding...

    This book is brilliant and whenever I lost a bit of confidence in my boobs I'd have a read and it would boost me.

    My LO is coming up for 20 weeks and some weeks she gained nothing and others 12oz!! and bounces between the 25th and 75th centile regularly. (My husband and I are both really tall so she's a long baby.)

    Also, remember that the centile charts are an average and most babies are FF - BF babies are naturally leaner.

    Well done - you're obviously doing a great job because she's sleeping. She wouldn't if she wasn't satisfied.

    B x
  • Hiya hun, Ryan was 7lb9 at birth, because of our bfing issues he'd dropped 12% to 6lb10 on day 3, so we had to start formula top ups, but by day5 he was back within the allowed 10% loss. His gain was all over the shop, nothing for a few days then jumping up after a few more days. At three weeks he was 8lb, so only 7oz up on his bw, now this week at 4weeks 5days he was 9lb2. We have been continuing with the top ups as bfing still not on track but the hv's have been happy with him. I've rambled on now hun but her overall gain definitely doesn't sound bad in comparison and so long as she's gaining and you've got all the right nappies I wouldn't worry too much. You can always raise it with the hv to check what they say x
  • There can be a difference in their weigth but no doubt breastfeed babies still has the most advantage because of the complete nutrtion that breastmilk gives.



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