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My DD was born at 36 weeks and it has been a real struggle to get her to breastfeed. She's now almost 3 weeks old and she can latch on but sometimes she'll go straight on and sometimes it can take up to 5 mins to get her to latch on. She was really sleepy in the first week or so and is becoming more alert now. I really want to persevere with the breastfeeding but wondering if it will ever get better! is anyone else in the same boat?



  • My son was born at 35weeks (24th MAY 09) and was the same it really is just practice practice and more practice love.
    if you both get stressed pause breath and try again.
    iv always said breastfeeding is hard work,weird i know as its natural but u do have to stickat it and work hard, put baby on as often as she wants (it will be ALOT) ITS THE ONLY WAY TO BUILD YOUR SUPPLY!!
    i felt like i was being sucked 24/7 for 6weeks but its worth it i promise u,try and relax leave everything else and just feed your dd.
    visit www.kellymom or breastfeeding network for some fab advice and if there is a breastfeeding group near you go the advice and support from there will be a god send, good luck x x
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