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finding it hard to express

Hi Ladies

I don't know if i'm doing something wrong? - lo is 5 weeks today and briefly tried expressing last night with avent electric pump - hardly got anything ie less than 1/2 oz so thought i'd just try again this morning - still hardly anything! again less than 1/2 oz.

LO has been feeding a lot! but she is putting weight on and has wet and dirty nappies so i do think she's getting what she needs.

Is this normal and it'll just take time? please advise as i'd really like to be able to go out soon and leave lo with Daddy!


  • How long after feeding are you expressing? Some people say you should express straight after feeding to empty the breast, others suggest expressing the breast that is not being fed from at that time and I've also read that people express in between feeds. There is no right or wrong, it's whatever works for you. I exclusively express and generally get between 3 and 4 oz per breast but my LO never goes to the breast. Stick with it and I'm sure it'll just take a little time.

    Also it is generally thought that you get more when you express either during the night or morning time, supply is at it's lowest towards the end of the day. Good luck x
  • I have trouble expressing too and I am afriad I have not found the solution. You could try what I do which is express a little before each feed until to build up enough I find it easiest to express before a feed because bub seems to still get plenty of milk when the breast pump can't get any out. She is a little expert lol.
  • You apparently have more milk in the morning.

    I found I expressed better when I felt my boob was 'full'.

    Once baby fed I wld express from the other boob - so that there was a few hrs for my boobs to fill up again xxx

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