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Milk seems to be drying up :(

My little one is only 7 1/2 weeks, but my milk appears to not be satisfying her and drying up already image We do breast and bottle and I have been expressing, but the last few days she seems to need to be topped up with formula. Also, I have noticed that my boobs aren't feeling hard anymore when she hasn't fed for a while, so I assume Im not producing as much image We were going to go over to bottle at about 3 months as I have to return to work, but now I just feel like a bad mother as I cant provide her food. I've had a few little crys as we cant share as many close moments and I just feel completly crappy to be honest. Gracie also has bad colic which makes me feel even worse as a mum cause she is in pain and I cant do anything much to help her...

any words of advice? image


  • Hi there and don't worry - it could be your supply is just regulating itself. You tend to go through a growth spurt, supplies increase, then you get used to providing that (and worry things aren;t working) and then another growth spurt period comes.

    I had to express after each feed for three days to increase the amount I was producing, which worked wonders. Simply express for ten minutes on each side after a feed and within days it will boost your supplies. Eating porridge is great too.

    I started to top up with forumla and I think it has caused nothing but problems. My friend feeds formula at 1pm, cos it suits her, expresses at 4pm so the supply doesn't reduce, bfs at 5pm and then a bottle at 8pm to ensure a good nights sleep and she will not decline the bottle when staying away for the night.

    Good luck x

  • Hi

    I frequently had problems with low supply and it was nearly always when I had been overdoing it - been for a long walk, skipped lunch or something like that.

    Try to rest as much as you can and try to eat frequent small meals with plenty of protein and water.

    Between 6 and 8 weeks your breast get used to making milk and stop being hard when they are full, lo goes through a growth spurt about this time and these two things together are why most women give up around 6 to 8 weeks.

    Hang on in there!
  • Hi,
    I know completely how you feel. This has happened to me three times now!
    My body prioritises me and not milk - not what i want at all.
    There are lots of ways to get it back if you do feel you're drying up.
    Expressing after every feed is what works for me best. Even if you don't get anything out it tells your body it needs to make more.
    Switch feeding is also good, but frustrating. You have to switch your baby from breast to breast as your lo feeds. Ideally as soon as you feel the let down start the switching. I used to switch my dd every two minutes. It works really well but your lo may get quite annoyed!
    Let your lo feed as often as possible.
    There are also a couple of herbal remedies to try as well; fenugreek and also nettle extract. I tried fenugreek but i think it made my milk taste funny as my lo wouldn't have it - despite being hungry! I didn't try nettle but someone recommended it to me.
    And if worst comes to worst there is Domperidome medication. Its an anti-nausea medication but increases the hormone prolactin. You can notice a difference after just 3 days and it peaks after 2 weeks then you have to start weaning yourself off. Some doctors are reluctant to prescribe it though as it isn't licensed for this purpose.
    Don't panic though, i know this is easy for me to say now specially as i always panic. It WILL come back.
    Plus the fact that apparently your body makes the fatty hind milk first so what little she does get is full of calories. My lo actually put weight on when i had hardly any milk. But i think she was thirsty!
    Best of luck! And keep going with it. I love breastfeeding too, i'm going to miss it when i finish soon.
  • I've used fenugreek and nettle. The nettle extract worked brilliantly, I was producing so much milk that I quickly filled up my freezer! It was an acquired taste, very earthy. The Fenugreek didn't really increase my supply at all, just made me smell all funny, trust me I ponged big style!! The tablets also tasted horible, I lasted about 3 weeks on it before giving it up as a bad idea!

    I know it's easier said than done, but try not to worry about your milk, you produce less when you are stressed. I've found when I've relaxed about it, it always increases. Especially now that I'm trying to give up, I've got more milk now than ever before!

    Well done for sticking with it this far, take one day at a time and remember to look after yourself, plenty to drink and good healthy meals.

    Corinna x
  • hi there,your lo could be going thru a growth spurt and this could be the reason she is seeming hungrier.Also it is normal for your breasts to stop feeling so full when your milk supply gets used to what your lo is taking xxx
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