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Pain in back and ribs when feeding??

Hi girls
I had my ds 8 days ago and have been bf since. At first my nipples absolutely killed everytime he latched on (he took off the first layer of skin, leaving them red raw - ouch!). However now my left boob is fine and it doesn't hurt to bf (well apart from when he inititally latches on). But with my right boob, when he latches on the pain is so intense that it causes me to wince. It then goes into backache on my right side and rib pains, as if someone is elbowing me in the ribs. Does anyone else have this and know what it is?? I've tried googling it but can't find anything to help. Its really getting me down so any advice is appreciated


  • could it be that you are sitting awkwardly bcos of the pain then your back hurts??


    p.s. have you trief that lansinoh cream?

    i never got sore, didnt have cracked nipplies etc..i put the cream on after every feed. after about 2 weeks i didnt need to use the cream anymore xx
  • do you have a midwife or HV that could come round to see your baby latch on? As the sooner that problem is resolved the better! Sore nipples is no fun at all! I'm not sure about your backache, but like Mrs KB said - it could be because your sitting awkwardly, so maybe once the latch issue is sorted this may resolve itself?
    Hope your feeling better today! xxxx
  • I had that as well. I asked MW, HV and BF person who all checked and said he was latching on fine but that he had a very strong suck that was pulling nerves etc on my side. It does sort itself out. I had also read that it could be a blocked duct so would def ask someone about it.
    Hope this helps
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