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Hi Ladies,
I really want to bf my baby but have a few concerns.
I'am worried that coz iam small busted i wont have enough milk to satisfy. Ive heard of women being told in hospital that they wont be able to bf coz they dont have enough milk. Is this true?
Also can i buy the medula swing expresser to boost my milk supply in the begining and carry on using to let hubs bottle feed baby after bf is establised?



  • Hi hun,

    Breast size has absolutely no bearing on how milk you will produce. Some ladies produce loads, and some not as much. If you want to bf, then the hospital should support your decision. If you need extra support - ask for it! Hopefully your hospital will have someone who can help you.

    Expressing can boost your supply but i was advised not to express until about 6/7 weeks to let my supply settle. I never had a problem with supply though, so i would suggest that unless you are struggling, wait a few weeks before expressing. Enjoy your baby and sleep for those first weeks - worry about expressing later. I was so exhausted that the last thing i felt like doing was expressing. It was so much easier just to put baby on the breast as and when it was needed. However everyone is different and you will find out what work for you.

    Good luck!
  • Hi Care_Bear, just to add that your milk doesn't come through until up to 10 days after the birth. Mine came in after 4 so up until then my ds was just having colostrum.It can make you panic that your baby is getting enough food but they are. A newborn baby's tummy is the size of a jelly bean so they don't need much at all. It concerns me when people say they didn't feed at hospital as there was no milk - it takes time to come through!!
    I expressed in my first week as my right boob became totally engorged. At the time I had the TT electric pump (which broke after 4 weeks) and so bought the medela. Its definitely worth the money.
    Good luck xx
  • Hi Care_bear,

    I agree, leave the expressing till your midwife gives you the go-ahead. The most important thing you can do is make sure you feed on demand and that way your boobs will produce enough milk. If you skip feeds or introduce formula your supply will be all over the place.

    Hospitals arent the best place to support you with bf to be honest, overworked midwives obviously have babies to deliver over supporting nursing mothers. My friend desparatley wanted to bf but had difficulties with the intial latch and no one was available to help. In the end a midwife said baby was far too distressed and needed a bottle of formula!

    Do you have a bf support group as part of a surestart centre? They're great to visit and chat to mums who've been there or are still bf. They'll put your mind at ease with a lot of questions/worries.
  • I am really determined to bf and i dont think i will get much support from mil or mum as they didnt do it. My mum did for a week and said she went to sma as we didnt sleep very long. I'am aware i will be feeding every hr or so is that right?
    When you express do u store it in fridge or freezer or give to hubs to feed straight away? Sorry so many qs but i really wana be clued up. x
  • When your baby is a newborn you will be demand feeding, so it might be every hour or every few hours. That is the same for girls who formula feed too. It will settle down. One word of warning, the first 4 weeks will be tough, with your emotions everywhere, so you might want to identify a bf support group. In my town there is a bf clinic once a week and a group too.
    Re storing milk, once you have expressed, you can leave in the fridge for 3 days (not in the fridge door though) or in the freezer for 3 months. Invest in some bottles and a steriliser. If baby is hungry, you can transfer the milk straightaway into a bottle and your hubby can feed then and there.
  • Ooh also to add you will need milk freezer bags if you plan to freeze milk - I bought mine from mothercare. I had about 50oz in my freezer and it came in really useful!
  • Hi hun, I am normally only a B cup, but went up to an E cup when my milk supply cam in (about 3 days after birth)! I had an abundant supply of milk.

    Make sure you are as rested as possible and eat and drink well. Make sure you have something to eat and drink (even if only fruit) between each feed - you need to keep your strength up! Baby will feed little and often at first - but it will regulate after the first few weeks.

    Don't worry, even if you don't feel like you are producing enough milk at first - during the first few days it feels like baby is getting nothing! But they are - they get the colustrum at first - which is packed with antibodies and gives them the best start!

    When I had my 3rd baby, it took 5 or 6 days for my milk to come in - and it was quite a frustrating time for me. I put it down to having 2 older children and a house on the market! Don't stress, keep putting baby to the breast and be patient.

    Check out you tube, I think they have videos on there showing how to help your baby get a good latch. Good luck - it isn't always easy to begiin with but it is well worth it!

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